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Laser epilation is being used in cosmetology about 20 years.
Its main difference from depilation lies in the fact that it removes not the hair stem, but the matrix cells, from which hair grows. It gives an opportunity to get rid of bothersome hair on any body part completely.

We work on the newest laser platform Synchro Play Alexandrite produced by Deka, a world-famous Italian manufacturer of laser equipment. Nowadays Alexandrite laser is considered to be one of the most effective and safe devices. Its action is based on the method of selective photothermolysis. The light wave is absorbed by specific chromophores – melanocytes, which synthesize the colouring pigment called melanin. As soon as the light power is conversed into the thermal one, the hair follicles are heated. Under the impact of high temperature the cells of follicle epithelium are getting damaged, what causes the hair bulb destruction later on. The rest heat is spread into the surrounding tissues, although it doesn’t have a negative influence on them.

Why One Procedure Isn’t Enough?

The answer on this question lies in stages of hair growth. Hair biocycle includes 3 stages:

Anagen (the hair growth itself)
Catagen (transitional stage, when hair doesn’t grow)
Telogen (hair loss).

Melanin fills the follicle at the stage of anagen – that is when the laser epilation is the most effective. Practically, it happens so that hair doesn’t grow simultaneously, that’s why in definite parts some hair is growing, while another – not. Only first of them are removed.

According to scientific researches, only 20-30% of hair is in a phase of anagen (except the upper lip – the number of growing hair in this area equals 65%). Therefore, to get the maximal effect you should repeat the procedure several times within 6-8 weeks.

About the procedure of laser epilation

The usage of modern laser system Deka Synchro Play Alexandrite allows treating the surface up to 16 mm for one impulse. The opportunity of independent regulation of action spot simplifies the cosmetologist work significantly and reduces the procedure time. The device is equipped with a cooling function to prevent the thermal burn. This system lets get rid of painful feelings and burning during the laser epilation.

The procedure duration depends on the treated area, but even for treatment of such a zone as back you will need no more than 20 minutes. The number of sessions is specified by such factors as treated area, hair and skin type. The recommended time between the procedures is 6-8 weeks.

In order to make the sessions of laser epilation comfortable as much as possible, you must restrict yourself to water steaming procedures (swimming pool, sauna) and the usage of sun blocking creams.

Indications to laser epilation with the help of Alexandrite laser:

  • The removal of dark, coarse hair, for example, on legs, in bikini zone or axilla.
  • It’s ideal for Europeans (skin type I-VI: Eastern-European, Scandinavian, Mediterranean, and Asian).
  • The lack of endocrine profile violation as in this case the hair growth will renovate again.

For people with darker skin types V-VI it is recommended to undertake laser epilation with the help of neodymium laser Light Sheet Duet of American company-manufacturer Lumines.

Advantages of laser epilation

In comparison with traditional methods of unwanted hair removal (waxing, shaving, chemical depilation, electrolysis) the laser is considered to be the most effective. The main advantages of light influence are:

  • Stable effect – in the absence thereof endocrine diseases the aesthetic effect remains for more than 7 years.
  • Safety – during the procedure the infection is excluded as the light radiation doesn’t have any negative influence on the body. The built-in cooling system expels the opportunity of burns. The lack of ingrown hair.
  • Painlessness – the whole process is followed by insignificant pricking in the treated area, the pain syndrome is absent even during hair removal in the area of bikini and axilla.
  • High pace – the duration of one procedure is from 2 to 30 minutes depending on the skin area.

Is laser hair removal suitable for me?

If you are not sure whether laser epilation is suitable for you, you can visit us personally in Prague and try a little test. However, it is always necessary to order.

There are some contraindications. Laser hair removal is unsuitable for patients with diabetes, epilepsy and also for those who are taking blood thinners. You can not take it even if you have a pacemaker in your body. It is unsuitable to apply the procedure directly to the tattoo (and also to permanent make-up), birthmarks, etc. Restrictions also apply to women during pregnancy. After the procedure, you should use products with a high SPF. Shave before surgery is normally allowed, but is not appropriate recent waxing/plucking.


Upper lip1 090 CZK2 800 CZK
Chin1 650 CZK4 500 CZK
Cheeks2 800 CZK7 900 CZK
Beard area4 200 CZK11 800 CZK
Chest6 700 CZK18 700 CZK
Areola1 650 CZK -
Armpits2 900 CZK8 100 CZK
Upper half of the back and shoulders5 700 CZK16 500 CZK
Back8 700 CZK24 500 CZK
Full arms7 850 CZK22 500 CZK
Forearms4 200 CZK11 800 CZK
Backs of the hands2 450 CZK6 800 CZK
Forearms + backs of the hands5 700 CZK16 100 CZK
Abdominal hair1 300 CZK3 300 CZK
Bikini line2 450 CZK6 500 CZK
Brazilian epilation (bikini line + intimate parts)4 700 CZK13 200 CZK
Full legs (thighs, knees, calves, feet, toes)11 700 CZK31 800 CZK
Thighs7 000 CZK19 500 CZK
Calves6 150 CZK17 500 CZK