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Acne laser treatment has many advantages in comparison with traditional methods such as creams or medicine. Specialists of ALTOS Clinic will choose the main strategy for your therapy, which will suit you best of all and will produce only satisfactory results.

Dermatologic and cosmetic methods of acne treatment

In order to create an attractive appearance our doctors use modern and innovative methods. To begin with, we recommend you to make an appointment for acne laser treatment. Its efficacy is evident as it is based on directed laser impact, which annihilates bacteria at all skin levels. Besides, this method reduces the ejection of oil gland, abirritates epidermis, and revitalizes it in general.

Chemical peelings renovate derma and rejuvenate it. This mild and effective therapy is based on salicylic acid, which favours skin scaling. Ultrasound face cleaning is one more effective medical treatment for acne. It allows making massage at the cellular level, which activates rejuvenation processes. Thanks to phototherapy, it is possible to get rid of Propionibacteria, which cause acneform rash. Influenced by light exposure, they start to kill each other. This type of therapy is considered to be one of the most efficient. Our dermatologists are also glad to provide you with one injection method called mesotherapy, during which special medicaments are inserted into the derma.

By arranging a visit to our acne dermatologist, you will get not only timely medical help, but also professional consultations. All our specialists have enough experience to carry our procedures of different complicacy levels. What’s more, they use modern equipment, which allows them rendering high-quality service. Besides, you will be surprised at our costs as they are really affordable.


  • 1 area (face or décolleté or back) - 1 450 CZK
  • package of 3 sessions - 3 750 CZK
  • 2 areas - 2 450 CZK
  • package of 3 sessions (2 areas) - 6 600 CZK

Skin biostimulation

  • 1 session (depending on volume) - 600 CZK
  • package of 6 sessions - 3 000 CZK


  • 1 area (face, neck area, décolleté, backs of the hands, stretch mark treatment) - from 3 600 CZK
The price of treatment depends on the size of the treated area.
For best results, we recommend repeating the procedure 3 times.

Chemical peel Enerpeel or Neostrata

  • 1 area (face, neck area and décolleté, backs of the hands) - 1 600 CZK
  • package of 4 sessions - 5 400 CZK
  • face and décolleté - 2 900 CZK

Retinol Peel

  • 1 session - 2 100 CZK
  • package of 4 sessions - 7 200 CZK

Ultrasonic skin cleansing

  • 1 session (30 minutes) - 990 CZK

Diamond microdermabrasion

  • face or décolleté - 1 100 CZK