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  • T 9 November 2017
    Can I pay by card?

    Yes, you can pay by card.

  • Anonymous 26 October 2017
    Hello, I would like to ask you, what kind of medicament you use during the biorevitalization treatment?

    Doctor recommends individual plan of the treatment to each client. The cure depends on the type of your skin, in particular skin problems. Therefore you need consultation before the treatment to determine condition of your skin according to different criteria (dryness, rough, pigmentation, acne etc.)

  • Vladimir 24 October 2017
    Do you offer laser resurfacing of facial scars?

    Yes, we do laser resurfacing with a fractional CO2 laser by the Italian company DEKA. Resurfacing is a modern effective method of correction of scars (both atrophic and hypertrophic), acne scars and stretch marks. In addition, the method is aimed at complex health improvement of the skin.

  • Ivana 4 September 2017
    What procedures can be combined to achieve a better result?

    Depending on the problem and the desired result, the doctor determines the necessary procedures during the consultation.

  • Ivana 3 September 2017
    What procedures should be repeated?

    Mesotherapy, biorevitalization, redermalization, peelings and certain laser procedures.

  • Kveta 28 August 2017
    How soon can results be seen?

    There are several methods of rejuvenation, after the application of which the effect is immediately visible, for example, after contour plastics with using of hyaluronic acid gels. Methods of non-surgical skin lifting Ulthera or threadlifting also provide a visible lifting effect, which is enhanced during several months. The skin condition improves significantly in two weeks after mesotherapy, birevitalization and redermalization as well, although for the best result these procedures should be repeated several times.

  • Marie 23 August 2017
    Do I need special skin care before carrying out epilation?

    In our clinic, hair removal is performed by one of the most modern MOTUS Moveo laser, which is suitable for any skin phototype, including tanned skin. Therefore, special care is not required before the procedure.

  • Marketa 19 August 2017
    How long does skin reaction last after the procedure?

    How the skin reacts to contact with the laser depends on its individual characteristics and the nature of the procedure. However, in most cases, skin is coming back to normal the next day.

  • Jana 12 August 2017
    What does include the consultation with the doctor?

    30-minutes consultation includes medical check-up, identification of health states, discussion of the skin problems, which bothers patient, and search of the optimal solution of them taking into account individual characteristics of the patient. The doctor can diagnose skin diseases with dermatoscope. At the end of the consultation, the doctor writes a prescription or referral to the procedure. The usual price of the consultation is 500 CZK.

  • Zuzana 7 August 2017
    How long does a treatment or surgery last?

    The length of a procedure depends on its complexity, but the fact is that even very delicate procedures performed by modern laser equipment take 30–40 minutes on average.

  • Olga 6 August 2017
    Can I make an appointment for a consultation and a procedure for the same day?

    Yes, it is possible.

  • Jana 4 August 2017
    What is the price of dermatoscopy?

    Dermatoscopic analysis is included in the price of the paid consultation with doctor. If you have paid for any treatment, which includes initial consultation, dermatoscopy is regarded as additional service at a cost of 500 CZK.

  • Vera 31 July 2017
    Have I pay for a consultation, if I have already paid for the treatment?

    The consultation is included in the price, if it’s about the treatment and before the treatment, you don’t pay for it. On this initial consultation, you can ask doctor about everything related to your problem and procedure.

  • Ivana 29 July 2017
    What is the most effective method of the treatment of acne?

    The most effective method can be chosen only after determining the cause and consultation with dermatologist.

  • Petra 28 July 2017
    How to prevent acne?

    Given that acne is connected to impairment of body, there is no the only solution to avoid it. However, the general rule is maintaining hygiene and regular cleaning of the skin with the use of professional cosmetics.

  • Misha 27 July 2017
    What causes acne and how to get rid of it?

    At first, individual and complex approach is very important in resolving this problem. Acne can be caused by different reasons related to changes in the body – from hormone imbalance to gastrointestinal diseases, so that acne is not dermatological as such. Only after determining of the real cause of the problem on initial consultation, the doctor can choose the most effective method of treatment, such as chemical peel, cosmetic procedures, mesotherapy, etc.

  • Olga 15 July 2017
    How long does effect persist?

    Effect duration depends on the type of treatment. For instance, effect after Botulinum toxin injection lasts for 4–6 months, lifting effect after Ulthera treatment persists until 2 years. Laser hair removal has stable effect after performing of 3–6 sessions – more than 7 years.

  • Jaroslava 15 July 2017
    How much I will pay?

    The price depends on complexity of treatments, size of treated area as well as an amount of used medicaments. The complete price list you can find on our web site or ask on the phone.

  • Tereza 3 July 2017
    Is it safe to use Botulinum toxin and how long does the effect last?

    Botulinum toxin has been actively used in various medical fields for 25 years. Botulinum toxin injection effects the certain muscles and it is used in minimal quantities, so that Botulinum toxin, used in cosmetology, is absolutely safe. The effect, obtained from the Botulinum toxin injection, lasts for 4–6 months.

  • Lenka 2 July 2017
    Are laser treatments safe?

    All laser treatments in our clinic are conducted by certified specialists experienced in working with modern laser equipment. Therefore, laser procedures performed by our professionals are safe taking into account contraindications, which have to be determined by individual consultation with a doctor.