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Ulthera Treatment is a new and innovative way of lifting. Provided by ALTOS Clinic, it gives fantastic results comparable to surgical operations. Being a new dawn in the sphere of aesthetic cosmetology, this procedure is based on the usage of concentrated ultrasonic energy, which exerts influence upon Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System. Ulthera Treatment results in clear heat-lifting and skin strengthening.

The effect of Ulthera system

This therapy provides clear and effective correction of wrinkles in such areas, as eyelids, neck, or the zone around the lips. Final results and effectiveness of Ulthera system are determined by individual peculiarities and properties of your skin, but still about 20% of our patients point at an amazing effect after the treatment. In 90 days after it they say about skin tension and remarkable lifting in a treated area. It means that collagen production takes place. You can enjoy the achieved effect for about 18 months as our specialists carrying out Ulthera facelift are great professionals in their field.

What does this therapy present itself?

In most cases it is done just once. Its duration varies from 15 to 40 minutes depending on the area you have decided to choose. From the technical point of view, Ulthera neck lift is the usage of a special device which creates ultrasonic waves penetrating the skin layer. The specialist of our clinic will control the depth of this permeation by providing a long-lasting lifting effect. The retreatment is possible, but not earlier than in 3 months after Ulthera neck.

Indications to therapy

• eyelids drooping;
• deepening of nasolabial and nasolacrimal furrows;
• drooping of mouth corners;
• skin sagging or laxity;
• reduction of skin firmness;
• prevention of age-related changes.

ALTOS Clinic can guarantee the satisfactory results due to the high-grade equipment and great experience of our doctors. We are glad to admit patients from various cities and countries as our assistance is not characterized by geographical limitations. Besides, you will be amazed at affordable and moderate pricing policy on Ulthera face lift!

Ulthera – non-surgial lifting

Price depends on surface area and treatment intensity.
  • whole face and upper neck lift - 24 000-27 000 CZK
  • browlift - from 6 000 CZK
  • lift of cheeks - 14 000-19 000 CZK
  • neck area lift - 8 000-12 000 CZK
  • lower part of face lift - 19 000-23 000 CZK
  • double chin area lift - 12 000 CZK
  • selected location - 5 000-7 000 CZK