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April 6, 2016
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April 6, 2016

Beauty plan by ALTOS Clinic

Beauty plan by ALTOS Clinic

How is the skin rejuvenated? How does one lose weight? What should one focus on first?

Determine your priorities correctly and devote yourself completely to a pleasant spring transformation!
If you stick to a well-thought out beauty plan by the ALTOS Aesthetic Medicine Clinic, you will quickly and effectively get rid of the effects of winter and keep a slender figure, while achieving the overall rejuvenation of your body and face.

  1. Work on your posture, beginning with body composition device diagnostics.
    The patented technology of the InBody company enables the precise measurements of weight, water ratio, body fat, muscle content and other components of the human body. Based on these precise calculations, an expert determines the next steps.
  2. Undergo a consultation with a dietician to formulate an individual nutritional plan, with a program of physical activities according to the analyses of your metabolism and fitness.
  3. Improve your facial and bodily contours.
    Experienced professionals at the ALTOS Clinic combine the functions of the unique TriActive Plus platform, comprising laser, ultrasound and radiofrequency waves, to create a customized program to combat imperfections such as cellulite, local fat deposits and skin flaccidity. On average, it is necessary to undergo 6–8 treatments at weekly intervals. The waves produced
    by the individual platform attachments cause vibrations that are very effective in dissolving and burning fat, especially in the advanced stages of cellulite. The new TriActive Plus ultrasound technology stimulates vascular circulation and the drainage of fluids, combined with a tissue firming action. Ultrasonic liposuction enables the breakdown of fat in problematic areas – the abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, arms, hands, neck and double chin. The result of each treatment – minus 3–4 cm! After repeating the course of treatment (4–6 times), the effect persists for several years.
  4. Body Mesotherapy is the most natural way of getting rid of cellulite, excess weight, stretch marks and scars.
    During body Mesotherapy, the circulation improves in the dermis, the metabolism is speeded up and cell renewal is supported. Special medicinal solutions are administered by microinjection into the skin, with the treatment being almost painless. The procedure usually takes no more than 10–15 minutes, the time always being determined by the doctor.
  5. The Ulthera ultrasound lifting method is a sensation in the global cosmetics industry.
    This innovative technology is now also available in the Czech Republic. The Ulthera system is specially programmed for each facial area. The physician monitors the entire course of treatment with three sensors, seeing precisely where to direct the ultrasonic energy. The high efficacy rating of this treatment has been confirmed by the supreme medical certification
    authority – the US government agency Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  6. Combat cellulite and varicose veins.
    Lymphatic drainage is a great method, based on the intermittent compression of the limbs. It creates pressure waves, which support both the lymphatic and venous systems. Thanks to the effect of compressed air delivered through a special multi-chamber device, edema is eliminated, muscle tension relaxed, the circumference of the drained limbs is significantly reduced and
    the skin is smoothed. This prevents varicose veins, cellulite and obesity. One procedure substitutes for 20–30 manual massages. The course usually comprises 10 to 15 sessions of 30 minutes each. It is recommended that lymph drainage be performed 2–3 times a week. If necessary, repeat the treatment after 5–6 months.
  7. Undergo massages and body treatments with ERICSON LABORATOIRE professional cosmetics.
    ALTOS Clinic offers a wide range of different types of massage: classic Swedish, reflexology, sports massage, massage with hot lava stones, Japanese Amatsu, Breuss massage, and the Dorna method. All contribute to overall relaxation, improved circulation and digestion. For maximum effect and the complete solution of all cosmetic problems, we use ERICSON LABORATOIRE professional cosmetics. Experts of this French brand use top quality ingredients and modern manufacturing methods to meet the highest international standards. The professional ERICSON LABORATOIRE body treatment is designed to take into account all the influences on the emergence and further development of cellulite. It has a highly efficient effect on the process of lipolysis in adipose tissue, improves elasticity and skin tone, stimulates the lymphatic and blood circulation and supports detoxification of the body. Our professional approach assumes the
    creation of an individual program for each client, combining various methods of treatment. The programs are based on Phytotherapy and Aromatherapy, the therapeutic effects of sea salt, seaweed and mineral mud, the effects of lipolytic action and anti-aging products. The cosmetic products are enriched with natural oils and vitamins, fruit acids and enzymes, and bioactive herbal mixtures.

The helpful, friendly staff will assist you to choose from the wide range of services those which are essential just for you.
Reserve a personal consultation at ALTOS Laser Dermatology Clinic during opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00; Saturdays and Sundays by previous arrangement.