mezoterapie hydratace pro pleť za akční cenu v Klinice Altos v Praze
Mesotherapy: special offer
September 18, 2016
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November 3, 2016

Special offer: THE BEST INNOVATION OF 2016

Special offer: THE BEST INNOVATION OF 2016

Price of the treatment:
17000 CZK
11900 CZK

until 16.10.2016

Thread lift

You can have immediate and natural FACIAL LIFTING through the thread lift method. Very small sutures helps to thighten up the sagging skin, raise its elasticity, smooth the wrinkles, model the facial contours and renew collagen fibers. The distinctive features of this method is that only one suture (or two as last resort) is enough as distinct from other treatments. Immediate lifting effect lasts 2-5 years. Special surgical sutures are made of polylactic acid, which is one of the best materials, medically approved. The treatment is painless and lasts approximately 30 minutes in local anesthesia.