ALTOS WORKSHOP 13. a 14. května ijekční aplikace
ALTOS workshops on 13-14 May 2017
May 4, 2017
den matek v klinice altos
For your mom!
May 14, 2017

MARKETA HRUBESHOVA, Czech actress, model, anchorperson, cookbooks author

Markéta Hrubešová známá herečka a modelka v klinice Altos

Marketa Hrubeshova got only pleasant impressions after her first visit to the clinic. She noted personal service and appreciated modern design and equipment of the clinic. During her second visit, Marketa agreed to answer several questions, told us about her opinion on the aesthetic medicine and shared some beauty & youth secrets.

How do you manage to look so young and fresh? Let me guess: your secret is a special elixir?
Thank you for the compliment☺ In my opinion, the most important thing is what’s inside you and your approach to living. Besides, it is easy to identify, if one gets on with himself, if one loves himself – of course in the good sense. So, the smile is very important. It is literally a wonder-lifting. You will be really surprised, when you will see, how many people smile back at your smile.

During our last meeting, we were talking about aesthetic medicine. What is your opinion about those rejuvenation methods? Would you like to take a part in a treatment?
I think, it is a personal choice of everyone. If one of that procedures will help someone to defeat their complexes or troubles – that’s very good. Every woman must take a good care of herself, and for some of them this way is appropriate. As for me, from my childhood I am surrounded by women, for whom age is just a number, therefore high-quality creams and healthy sleep are enough.

When you want to eat something sweet or unhealthy – are you able to deny yourself such pleasure?
I am in the good position in this sense, because I don’t usually eat sugar – only when I am tired I can afford a piece of a good bitter chocolate. But what I really like is meat or fish. Actually, it is not about opposition “healthy-unhealthy”. It’s about quantity of food you eat. As by me, sometimes I break the rules of course, but it’s so sexy, isn’t it?..

What gives you energy?
First at all, sleep is very important for me, because it is the best cure for everything: for bad mood, sadness and weariness. Secondly, right nutrition is quite important as well. Food and drinks are my energy sources. Besides, with a great pleasure I gets a massage and, when I overcome laziness, I go to the gym.

What are your plans on the summer?
Now I’m making show for TV NOVA channel, after that I’ll have another one shoot for the Prima channel. Also, I have finished the movie “Milada” about Czechoslovakian public figure Milada Gorakova. At the end of the month I will flying to Budapest on shoot of a fourth episode of the cooking show “Recepty pro radost”. And of course, I am looking forward to my own cooking show during the food festivals – they are must not be overlooked!

What things make you happy?
I find happiness in a small. A smile as a response – that’s what I have already told, some good coffee, a well-done dish… But I feel truly happy, when I am with my family.

And in conclusion – what is your life motto?
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!