June 30, 2017
ELIZAVETA MAXIMOVA, theatre and movies actress
July 7, 2017

BARBORA ŠPORCLOVÁ-KODETOVÁ, actress and presenter

Barbora Šporclová–Kodetová

Do you have any motto in your life?
Yes, it is „everything in moderation“!

Do you remember your first visit to the Altos clinic and how did it impress you?
I remember, it was a party on the eve of Christmas, and it was great. I was pleasantly surprised not only with the services and possibilities for face and body care offered in the clinic, but also with the atmosphere and the kindness of the staff.

To look beautiful all the time is in the trend. How do you personally care about yourself? Could you recommend something, how can mother of three children to be good-looking?
I can not give an advice, perhaps love yourself and do not forget about yourself. As a selfless woman I must remind myself of this basic truth from time to time. However, I combine cosmetics, namely one unvarnished miraculous biocream of the Czech manufacturer, that I trust, with professional cosmetic procedures. Since, for example, the laser is the best solution for pigment spots, I just use the services of the Altos clinic.

Aesthetic medicine has a large number of methods of rejuvenating, improving the appearance, eliminating skin problems, the elasticity of the body, etc. What do you think about it?
Again, everything in moderation. But what is really good is that there are non-surgical methods which can help effectively in the cases when any other facilities are powerless. It helps to achieve self-confidence, both women and men.

What procedures did you take in our clinic?
For a long time I have problems with hyperpigmentation of the skin. Before I was treated in another clinic, but I have seen a visible result only after the treatment in Altos clinic.

What must every woman have in mind?

Do you have time for your hobbies and what is it?
My main hobby is working in the garden, including construction. And certainly family as such is not in last place for me.

Responcibility for family care takes a lot of energy, how do you restore it?
Outside the city and with the help of massage procedures.

What does make you feel good most of all?
Love and trust of my daughters and husband in response to care of them.