Barbora Šporclová–Kodetová
BARBORA ŠPORCLOVÁ-KODETOVÁ, actress and presenter
July 5, 2017
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Injection methods for skin rejuvenation and regeneration!
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July 9, 2017

ELIZAVETA MAXIMOVA, theatre and movies actress


What is your motto of life?
I took a liking to Oprah Winfrey’s statement: „Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.“

How was your first visit to Altos clinic?
My friends recommended Altos Clinic to me and I have to say that I am very satisfied with it for half a year. Moreover, thanks to the kind and friendly doctors and nurses I feel really good and warmly welcomed here!

How much time do you commit to taking care for yourself?
It all depends on the workload, but my skin made quite clear that everything that I give or give not it is also will return to me. I love to try new things and products, so my bathroom looks like after a perfume store explosion, and once in a while I take a really long hot bath with a lot of oils, scrubs, etc.

Your pace of work is quite intensive, so what does make you happy in your job?
I like to get to know new things, people, life stories. I prefer working processes where I am fully immersed in a certain role or project, so sometimes I just forget to eat and sleep becuse of enthusiasm and drive. I feel happy when I’m working on something that deeply touches me and I have the opportunity to explore it together with equally enthusiastic colleagues as me.

Aesthetic medicine is a relatively extensive field, what is your opinion regarding it?
I’m just getting to know aesthetic medicine, at my age I do not feel the need to change or “restore” anything but the possibilities of modern medicine are stunning. However, nothing should be exaggerated, and I think that much depends not only on patient’s rationality and discernment, but mainly on physicians.

What treatments have you already tried and what would you recommend to other clients?
I tried the IPL laser for the problematic skin and I was really satisfied with the result! I enjoyed massages at the clinic and I could also recommend professional cosmetics!

Do you have time for your hobbies? Could you please describe it?
I’ve lately been traveling a lot, and I really often go to theater and cinema. I love to read (currently I am reading the book by Josef Formánka named “Two words as a key” and I look forward to his “The smiles of Sad Men”). For a year, I want to enrole to painting courses or ceramics again, because I miss manual work, but I postpone it incessantly because of work obligations. So maybe „once-sometimes-perhaps“!

What is the secret of your beautiful slim figure?
I’m a great fan of food, so when I hear the word “diet”, I feel anxious. The most important (and the most favorite!) meal for me is a hearty breakfast that gives me energy and thanks to it I’m not so hungry for the whole day. When I was studying at DAMU, we had five training sessions per a week, that kept us in great condition. Now I walk a lot and swim.

How do you recharge your energy?
Sleep, sleep and sleep.

What are your plans for the future?
I’m currently making two projects and preparing for the theater premiere in September. The next season will be really challenging and interesting for me, but I don’t like to speak about anything in advance 🙂

What makes you most happy in life?
My family and the closest. Also it is marvelous and interesting work with people, from whom I can learn as much as possible.