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January 23, 2018
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February 9, 2018

Valentine’s Day at the Altos clinic



Give your loved ones what you would like to receive!

Get inspiration at the Altos clinic. Why should Valentine's Day be just a day for lovers? Valentine or Paul… A holiday name is not as important as a desire to do something nice for your close ones. And what can be nicer than caring? It can be care at the highest level!

Care for Two

Skin cleansing + biostimulating laser worth 700 CZK as a gift

Proper cosmetic care (including skin cleansing) ensures comprehensive solution to all skin problems. You will get 30 minutes treatment that helps regenerate, moisturize and soothe the skin - as a gift.

Skin cleansing Biostimulating laser

Massage to choose + press therapy worth 500 CZK as a gift

Weaken the muscles, bring the body into a harmonious state. Massage therapy will allow you to relax, improve blood circulation and make yourself feel better. As a gift - "lymphatic drainage" (press therapy), which contributes to the removal of toxins, improves immunity and corrects the shape of the body.

Massage Press therapy

Care for 4 (for him or her)

Anti-cellulite care and weight loss program with laser TriActive 3 + 1 worth 1 990 Kč as a gift

Nonsurgical method to increase the elasticity of the skin, eliminate fat deposits and cellulite. The procedure is aimed at stimulating proper blood circulation, removing toxins and subcutaneous fat from the body. When you buy 3 sessions, you will receive one more session as a gift.

Anti-cellulite care

For the whole family

Microneedling for face and body 4 + 1 worth 3 500 Kč as a gift

The method is aimed at revitalizing and improving the structure of the skin. It promotes the effective elimination of stretch marks, even on such problem areas as hips, buttocks, lower abdomen and breasts. In addition, microneedling perfectly copes with scars and enlarged pores.


Voucher for care at the Altos clinic

With the purchase of any procedures worth 5 000 CZK, you get 500 CZK above this amount as a gift

If you are not interested in our suggested variants, you can buy a voucher for procedures worth 5 000 CZK with a saving of 500 CZK. When you purchase a voucher worth 10 000 CZK or 15 000 CZK, you will receive 1 000 CZK and 1 500 CZK respectively.

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Do not forget about your loved ones. Give care for health and beauty also as prevention.
We distribute Valentine's gifts until 20th February! We know what you want...