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June 7, 2018
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June 16, 2018

Our partner: Circuit training “Expreska”

Our partner: Circuit training “Expreska”

Many women complain about lack of time for the training. Circuit training “Expreska” is the perfect solution for busy people. It is about a complex workout, which combines cardio and strength exercises.

The training helps you to strengthen muscles and body, accelerate metabolism, burn fats and reduce body weight. Within half an hour you are changing position with an equal interval of 30 seconds. You can come to the training at any time and without an appointment. It means that your training starts from the moment you take any empty place and then you start to move around a circle in the intended direction without rest and stops.

After the initial registration, the first training is free. The company will contact you by phone to coordinate a date and time of the training.

The goal of aerobic exercise is to get your pulse rate at a constant level (so-called “aerobic zone”) for at least 20 minutes. During aerobic training, your body uses fat reserves to maintain energy. As a result, you don’t build up muscle, but burn fat.

According to experts, circuit training improves the skin, makes you feel good, ensures a healthy sleep, de-stresses during menopause, lowers blood pressure, increases productivity and immunity, speeds up thought process. It is a good prevention of ovarian cancer and diabetes as well. Training is good for the back, eyes, heart and joints.