Sleva až 50 % s Věrnostním programem v klinice Altos
Perfect suggestion: loyalty program in Altos clinic for your favorite procedures
January 24, 2019
skin rejuvenation and regeneration
February 20, 2019

Bonuses up to 3 000 CZK!

Valentýn v klinice Altos

bonuses up to 3 000 CZK!

7. 2.– 20. 2. 2019

Give health and beauty to anyone you care about!

Do not forget that your loved ones also need to hear that you love them. Take the opportunity and give them aesthetic care from the Altos clinic.

We have prepared a special list of our services that will be a great gift for your loved ones! The offer is valid till February 20!

When you buy a voucher worth 3 000 CZK or more, you receive 300 CZK for the next procedure*

When you buy a voucher worth 5 000 CZK and more - 500 CZK as a gift*

When you buy a voucher worth 10 000 CZK and more – 1 000 CZK as a gift*

When you buy a voucher or care worth 20 000 CZK and more – 3 000 CZK as a gift*

*you can use cash bonus to pay for laser treatments during your next visit

Our tips:

  • Anti-cellulite non-surgical care and a weight loss program with the use of TriActive (increasing skin elasticity, reducing body fat, stimulating the lymphatic system) – MORE ABOUT PROCEDURE
  • Laser hair removal – a unique technology of vacuum acceleration with a high-speed handpiece LightSheer DUET allows you to do hair removal quickly, qualitatively and safely – MORE ABOUT PROCEDURE
  • Microneedling for revitalizing and improving the appearance of the skin (effective elimination of stretch marks, scars or enlarged pores) – MORE ABOUT PROCEDURE
  • Elimination of mimic wrinkles with the help of botulinum toxin type A (wrinkles around the eyes, lips, on the forehead). Botulinum toxin is also effective in the treatment of hyperhidrosis – MORE ABOUT PROCEDURE
  • Tattoo removal with the use of Q-switch laser (tattoos and permanent make-up) – MORE ABOUT PROCEDURE
  • Smoothing of wrinkles with the use of fillers based on hyaluronic acid (renewal of contours, rejuvenation) - MORE ABOUT PROCEDURE
  • Lip augmentation and contour modeling (+naturalness, symmetry) - MORE ABOUT PROCEDURE

We give gifts until February 20! We love you!