Zpěvačka Victoria v klinike Altos
BEAUTIFUL SINGER VICTORIA, responded to our invitation
February 25, 2019
Svátek žen klinika Altos
March 6, 2019

DOMINIKA BÝMOVÁ, Czech actress

Dominika Býmová

Dominika, we would like to know more about you. You are beautiful, talentedactress with experience in the theater, internet,on television. You are also the creator of the fashion brand White Sage, which makes clothes from organic materials. Do you have time for a hobby at this rate?
I am really lucky that my job is my hobby. But it is truth, that I have a little free time. When I must work for several days, there is not enough time for myself. Anyway, I’m really happy, especially knowing that I will even have time to sleep after the premiere on March 20 in the Karlin Musical Theater 🙂

Do you live by any motto?
Humility is my motto. I don’t pat myself on the back, but I don’t humble myself!

What advice would you give women to look good or not to forget about self-care?
Oh, I would like to advise getting enough sleep. But I am not a good example. Despite this, it is necessary to age with dignity, so just try to help nature in the question of self-care. For example, I can be terribly tired, but I never forget to remove makeup and, in the morning, I drink warm water with lemon. This is an excellent preparation of the body for a new day.

Aesthetic medicine has many methods of rejuvenation, improving appearance, treating skin problems, improving body elasticity, etc. What is your attitude to this field?
I do not criticize anything that can make a woman happier. Nowadays there are a lot of methods how to raise the self-esteem. The main thing is not to go too far.

What procedure did you undergo in our clinic?
I underwent a procedure of tattoo removal. For several years I have been trying to get rid of a tattoo that holds like a tick. I get it a long time ago, and the older I got, the more uncomfortable I felt with it. In addition, it is very impractical to mask an image all the time before performing or filming. I can’t wait to finally get rid of it.

Television and theater career are so hard… How do you cope with such a pace, where do you get energy?
Fortunately, I have enough «natural» energy. I am very active, and it’s just sort of happens 🙂 Although sometimes I get tired, of course. In such cases, I have a massage or go to the sauna.

What makes you feel good?
Life itself.