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February 27, 2020
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March 12, 2020

Tips: Aesthetic treatments to do during summer

Tipy na estetické procedury v létě

Sunny summer days are coming soon, coming the time for a carefree outdoor recreation and activities. Everyone knows that not all aesthetic procedures are useful in the summer.

Our tips will help you to choose procedures that you can do without risk during solar activity.

Our skin is exposed to a huge amount of negative effects throughout the whole year. Sometimes this is accompanied by depression, fatigue and vitamin deficiency. This can be avoided by eating a balanced diet and using professional care with aesthetic procedures. It is necessary to remember about the negative effects of UV radiation and high temperatures, which are so familiar to us in the summer, but can contribute to the rapid loss of collagen and premature aging.

Let’s look at a few procedures that will help you to stay young and fix the flaws in your appearance. In the summer, skin care should be soft and gentle, due to a decrease in its protective function, which may lead to the appearance of hyperpigmentation, premature aging, uneven skin texture, therefore we recommend to refuse a number of laser procedures, chemical peeling and diamond microdermabrasion. Instead of these procedures, we recommend you to use modern summer peels Exuviance that will not harm the skin in sunny time, and many other interesting procedures that have a beneficial effect on the skin.

Remember that any treatment methods associated with damage to the epidermis are not recommended during active sun radiation.


The skin is more prone to dehydration in winter than in summer. To make the skin more resistant to ultraviolet radiation, it is advisable to choose biorevitalization – injection of hyaluronic acid, which has the form of a gel solution. The gel solution is much more slowly absorbed under the skin, compared with classical mesotherapy, so the result lasts longer and has a more pronounced effect. Biorevitalization is usually recommended in sessions once every three weeks. This method provides the skin with deep hydration, has an antioxidant effect, helps smooth wrinkles, reduces the risk of hyperpigmentation, and effectively improves elasticity and radiance.
Recommended: 14 days before sunbathing

Botox Injection

You may have noticed that in summer without sun glasses you often frown because of the sunlight. As a result, this is often the cause of unwanted wrinkles that appear on the forehead, between the eyebrows, around the eyes and lips, but can be effectively eliminated by botulinum toxin injections. Fine wrinkles may become deeper in the summer time. Therefore, smoothing wrinkles with botulinum toxin type A before summer is the most appropriate solution. This drug effectively slows down muscle activity, blocks the transmission of neuromuscular impulses, thereby relaxing the muscles of the face. The effect lasts 3-6 months. The procedure can be repeated at the request of the client.
Recommended: 2 weeks before the holiday, or at any time during the year


Many of us are trying to solve the problem of excessively and unpredictably sweating in the summer, the problem of which traditional deodorants are powerless. It often brings an uncomfortable feeling to you and the people around you. An effective solution to this problem is the injection of botulinum toxin, which allows to block the transmission of impulses from the nerve endings that regulate the sweat glands. Application is possible to provide in the armpits, on the soles of the feet or on the palms of the hands. The effect lasts up to 10 months, after the procedure can be repeated again.
Recommended: 2 weeks before the holiday, or at any time during the year

Plasma therapy

The most gentle method in aesthetic medicine, based on the use of the patient’s own blood plasma, provides the skin with effective protection and regeneration. This method helps to activate the stem cells of the skin, improves metabolism and helps to balance the tone, smooth wrinkles, strengthen skin immunity. This procedure does not cause allergic reactions and has no side effects.
Recommended: one week before sunbathing, or at any time during the year

Ozone therapy

An effective method to eliminate local fatty deposits, stretch marks and cellulite. During the procedure, the ozone-oxygen mixture is injected into problem areas of the body. Ozone molecules destroy the membranes of fat cells, that leads to emulsification and elimination of fat in a natural way. The procedure is recommended to be carried out in a course of 10-12 sessions with an interval of 2 weeks. It is useful to know that ozone improves blood circulation and all types of metabolism, prevents the reappearance of cellulite, improves skin quality, improves immunity, has an antioxidant effect, and promotes cell regeneration and rejuvenation.
Recommended: 1.5 months before vacation, 3 days before sunbathing


In summer, many clients complain of swelling, heaviness in the legs and exhaustion after walking. Frequent flights also lead to circulatory disorders, lymphatic tension of the legs and discomfort. Pressotherapy or lymphatic drainage pants are indispensable in resolving these problems. This drainage massage helps to remove excess water from the body, eliminates swelling and improves venous blood flow. It is recommended to complete the procedure with a course of 10 sessions with a break of three days to achieve desired effect.
Recommended: a few days before the holidays, or at any time during the year

RF lifting

Radio-frequency lifting is in demand due to a variety of beneficial effects for the face and body. If your skin loses elasticity in the winter, after losing weight or childbirth, flaws appeared on your body, such as cellulite, stretch marks or swelling, then this procedure is for you! Radio frequency lifting TriActive does no harm to the skin, stimulates blood circulation, promotes the formation of new collagen and elastin, restores skin elasticity and reduces body fat deposits. The effect of high-frequency lifting is smooth, supple and toned skin. The procedure perfectly complements any weight loss program, and helps quickly to give the body an attractive shape before vacation. We recommend taking a course of 6 procedures.
Recommended: anytime during the year or a week before sunbathing

Laser hair removal

One of the most popular pre-vacation treatments is laser hair removal. In our modern time, this procedure is carried out by using soft and safe devices that painlessly remove all hairs, such procedures are suitable for all skin phototypes and can be carried out during the whole year. In our clinic you can take a course of laser hair removal by a unique laser Motus Moveo, and LightSheer Duet, as a result you will get smooth skin without unwanted hair.
Recommended: as soon as possible, at least a few days before your vacation


A new method of introducing hyaluronic acid through a thin cannula instead of a needle has appeared. This minimizes the amount of injections and leaves no trace of injections on the skin.

Tip for you!

The sun often leads to increased activity of the sebaceous glands. Therefore, in the summer, our skin needs not only professional, but also proper home care. Take care of thorough skin cleansing, tone the skin, give your preference to delicate cleanser and micellar water. Pay particular attention to skin hydration.