Body Aesthetics in Prague

Body aesthetics is a kind of body and face care, which makes us seem perfect and ideal: massage, cellulite treatment, ultrasound liposuction, healthy nutrition, laser epilation, and so on. It’s hard to imagine a life of a modern woman without it as it simplifies it and at the same time helps to stay beautiful and good-looking. Aesthetic medicine includes operative intervention (for example, liposuction), so non-surgical procedures (for instance, massage). In order to achieve the best results, specialists of our clinic may turn to both methods as this way the results will be more effective and noticeable. Get the consultation of our doctors to estimate your condition, express your wishes, and decide on the procedure fitting you best of all.

Cellulite Treatment

Our specialists provide this procedure using TriActive+ − a non-invasive method of ‘orange peel’ elimination. Although the problem may be caused by various factors such as hormonal, genetic, predisposing or lifestyle, the treatment is the same for all of them. The radio wave energy creates new structures by twisting collagen fibers. As a result, you get a tight and improved turgor.
A required number of procedures: 6 – 8.

Another variant of cellulite treatment is ultrasound liposuction. This procedure is also conducted with the help of TriActive+ since it’s a new and effective method. Fat is reduced, no recovery period is required, and the procedure is absolutely safe.
A required number of procedures: 4 – 5.


It presents itself a kind of therapy aimed at relaxation of muscles, getting rid of back pain, and providing anti-cellulite functions. Depending on the type of desired effect, you may choose between recuperating, relaxing or anti-cellulite massage. Contradictions are different for each type, so consult our specialists.

Laser Epilation

We offer this procedure of 2 different methods.

The first one suggests the usage of Motus AX Moveo – the safest and reliable device, which is based on the method of selective photothermolysis. As a result, the hair bulb is destroyed. All possible contradictions are individual, so you have to visit our doctor.

Another method supposes the usage of LaserSheer DUET – that is a great technology of vacuum intensification. It’s absolutely painless and doesn’t take much time. To get the desired results, you should take about 4 or 6 procedures.

Our clinic also offers:

  • mesotherapy – the non-operative session which saves from flabby skin, scars, excess fat;
  • healthy nutrition so that you could change your lifestyle and keep to a diet;
  • pressotherapy – the way to forget about varicosity and cellulite as well.

No matter which treatment you choose, be ready to get professional assistance from our qualified specialists!

If you want to realize the massage techniques and differences between them, this video is for you. These explanations may help you to get a vision of this procedure in general.

Most required treatments

A perfect and beautiful face belongs to a perfect and beautiful body. And it requires a lot of time to reduce the accumulated fatty tissue, improve elasticity, correct the figure and flabby skin. The combination of the procedures that improves the appearance of the body is aided by anti-cellulite programs, massages, compresses to improve the lymphatic system and the removal of undesirable harmful substances from the body, non-invasive liposuction technique, healthy nutrition and epilation.