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Breast Enlargement and Peculiarities of This Session

The breast enlargement is considered to be one of the most popular surgical procedures in ALTOS Clinic. Indications for it may be absolutely different:

  • not great breast size;
  • breast sagging;
  • age-related changes of a form;
  • a wish to change a form or a size.

The essence of such a surgical intervention lies in placing of implants in especially prepared pouch behind the tissues of mammary glands; therefore the results after the breast enlargement seem to be so natural and remarkable.

What does the breast form depend on?

As you know, the period of pregnancy always has impact on the elasticity of mammary glands. What’s more, with age these changes become more and more visible. It is explained by the fact that the woman breast consists of fat and glandular tissues, which determine its size and form, while copulas connecting the mammary gland with the breast one influence its position and elasticity.

Fat tissue and copulas around the nipple surround glandular tissues and galatophores. This zone also has the reticulum of nerve endings, blood and lymphatic vessels, which assist the body in struggling with infections. It’s important to mention that small and big pectoral muscles are located one under another and separate the breast from its anterior wall.

Different kinds of breast surgery implants

ALTOS Clinic is glad to offer a great variety of breast surgery implants. They differentiate according to a form or surface texture, they may be round or contoured. The last one is called anatomical as it perfectly iterates the breast form. Patients can also choose between smooth or rough surface, what depends just on your preferences and wishes.

Endoprosthesis profile for breast surgery implants is presented in 3 variations: standard, moderate, and high. There are also profiles consisting of silicone gel. The outer membrane is also made of silicone in this case. It’s worth mentioning that this gel reminds of the tissues of a real breast, that’s why breast enlargement surgery will bring you the noticeable effect.

As soon as you decide on types of implants, the surgeon of our clinic will help in choosing the form and breast implants sizes taking into account your lifestyle, features of your body, and the condition of soft tissues.

Implant position

Doctors of ALTOS Clinic offer you to choose the implant position, which you want. There are three of them. The first one suggests the placement of silicone implant between the glandular tissues and muscles. The second one is based on back position of it, while the third one supposes the performance of silicone breast implants behind the muscles and connective tissues. The first variant is recommended in case of good development of glandular tissues. It is called subglandular. The second position bears a name of subpectoral and the last one – retromuscular.

Enlargement session

Breast enhancement plastic surgery in our clinic lasts no more than for 2 hours. Before it the doctor makes a special marking to denote the places of future cuts. The next step is the anaesthesia. The surgeon will consult you about its type – the local anaesthesia with sedation or narcosis.

There are three ways of placing the implant: through the areola around the nipple, though the micro cuts in axillary cavity, or under the inferior border of mammary gland. In all cases of breast plastic surgery the scar will be almost unnoticeable. For those who would like to get the big breast size, we recommend to make use of second type, while for the forming of small breast the third type is considered to be the most proper.

The most minimally invasive procedure to increase breast size

In order to increase breast size and have as little surgical interventions as possible we offer you to choose the retromuscular method since the scars will disappear in a few days.

Postoperative procedures

Being one of the easiest sessions, breast enhancement supposes that you may go home just in two or three hours after it. To get rid of any discomfort in this zone you should take some pain relievers.

Breast surgery cost

We perfectly understand that breast surgery cost is significant for you and sometimes it becomes one of the main reasons for choosing one or another medical center.

ALTOS Clinic tends to affordable silicone implants cost, that’s why we offer only reasonable prices on our service. To add to it, by paying this sum of money you will get the guaranteed satisfactory results. If you always wanted to have a big and beautiful breast, but couldn’t afford it yourself, now it’s time for changes!

Besides, for this breast enlargement cost you will receive high-grade service. Our personnel is always ready to answer questions, while our doctors will recommend you the best type, form and size of breast taking into account the breast implants cost.

Breast augmentation

  • Breast enlargement with round implants - from 1 591 EUR
  • Breast enlargement with anatomically shaped implants - from 1 818 EUR
  • Breast enlargement with lifting and round implants - from 2 682 EUR
  • Breast enlargement with lifting and anatomically shaped implants - from 2 818 EUR
  • Breast enlargement with own fat and liposuction - from 5 000 EUR