Breast uplift with enlargement


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Breast Uplift and Enlargement Comparing with Other Sessions

The loss of initial breast form may be caused by a number of reasons such as age-related or weight changes and the best method to renew the elasticity is to make an appointment for breast uplift and enlargement in ALTOS Clinic. It will also help you to create a beautiful and attractive shape.

Reasons for choosing this procedure

One of the main reasons for deciding on one-time surgery is that the ordinary breast uplift with implants can’t guarantee a good result of form correction, especially in case of mammary gland sagging. It will lead only to fast effects which will disappear very soon and, as a result, the sagging will become even worse, whereas breast uplift and implant suppose the excess skin removal. This contributes to dermis tightening and remarkable shape improvement: mammary glands get the vertical position and your breast will become more elastic. This session also has a positive effect on the size as it becomes bigger, while the form – more appealing.

Methods of breast uplift

Our clinic offers you 3 techniques of undertaking this therapy: through the cut in areola, under the breast, or in axillary cavity.

Session duration

Our doctors usually conduct this procedure for 1.5 or 3 hours. The exact time depends on the level of breast ptosis and the type of session chosen. Before the therapy the specialist will make the marking in order to note the lines for cuts. After this he will make the general anaesthesia and debride the breast with a special solution.

Postoperative treatment

All the sutures, bandages, and plasters will be removed in few days after this operative intervention. A patient may feel some pain, but all the side effects will disappear fully in 2 or 3 weeks. We advise you to refuse any physical activity to fix the obtained results.

  • Breast enlargement with lifting and round implants - from 2 682 EUR
  • Breast enlargement with lifting and anatomically shaped implants - from 2 818 EUR
  • Breast enlargement with own fat and liposuction - from 5 000 EUR