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Breast Uplift in Creating the Body You Deserve

Breast uplift is the way of recreating the breast shape you have lost because of some usual aspects like the age-related changes, harsh weight changes, lactation, and pregnancy itself. These factors combined or even in the solo appearance bring the unpleasant results and a need for a breast uplift in the reliable ALTOS Clinic, which is able to provide not only a safe breast enhancement, but also will amaze you with breast lift cost comparing to the ones in the market.

Breast enhancement surgery

Many people are wrong to say that the breast enhancement surgery is something terrible made with women’s health and the thought that every woman should be taken in the way she was born. It is a correct point of view; however, there is one aspect, which will, for sure, make a difference for you. It is self-esteem, what makes person good-looking, and for every woman this procedure is one of the main means of getting the needed form and size. That is why a female breast enhancement is something that will provide you with it.

Breast lift after lactation

The breast lift can be done after the cessation of lactation as soon as the ducts of the mammary glands stop their production. One more important thing to listen to is that if you possess a stable weight and you will not lose weight, then you can do lift. Otherwise, it is recommended to reduce the weight to the desired mark and then, eventually, lay on the operational table.

Stretch marks often appear on the breast during the pregnancy, besides, there is also an areola increase to appear. And, as a rule, women concerned with the question: if you make a lift with reduction areolas, whether stretching is less noticeable? When you lift the chest because of the stretch, it can be removed using procedures or dermal fractional photothermolysis laser. In any case it is necessary to know that stretching cannot be removed completely by the laser – it can become less noticeable.

A kind of theory lesson

There is a breast wall, which has fat, connective and glandular tissue making the pectoral wall around it. The glandular tissue is the one that provides baby with milk during the period of lactation. It also affects the production of milk in the breast. It is known to be covered with the fat tissue that adds softness to this part of the woman’s body. Breast ligaments are made of connective tissues and the breast ducts is the place where they can be found. These ligaments connect the breast to the wall and it depends on them, whether your breast will have a low or high position.

Different types

The mastopexy can be divided into 2 types:

  • periareolar mastopexy;
  • parareolar mastopexy.

But let’s take a closer look at all kinds of breast uplift procedure.

If you choose the periareolar one, the small cut that will go round the top of an areola will be performed. This type of technique is the least invasive procedure and brings, to be honest, a small degree of lift.

Parareolar technique. The technique is used with a slight omission of the mammary glands. It is done round the nipples, breast tissue is gently reallocated; the size of the areola finds some reduction.

The consultation with the attending doctor

The initial consultation is required before any plastic surgery and a breast enhancement – it is not an exception. During the consultation the surgeon identifies indications and contraindications for mastopexy, informs about the most important stages of the operation. Before the surgery the patient is sent for the medical examination. Also in preparation for the operation she will need to normalize weight, stop smoking and using certain drugs. The attending doctors tell the patient the best session for her forthcoming volume of transactions on the basis of these data which formed the cost of breast enhancement.

Everything you need to know

It should be said that breast uplift cost in our clinic is lower than anywhere else in Europe, but don’t worry, we have a well-experienced team of professionals that will help you in any kind of problem you want to solve. So, the breast enhancement price means nothing for us because all we care about is your personal satisfaction! Feel free to contact us, ALTOS Clinic, whenever you want to get all answers you need!

Breast modeling

  • Breast lift (small range) - from 1 932 EUR
  • Breast lift (medium rande) - from 2 614 EUR
  • Breast lift (large range) - from 3 409 EUR
  • Inverted nipple correction - from 739 EUR