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Dermoscopy is the diagnostic testing way of checking your skin for the absence of lumps (both benign or oncologic), which provides you and your attending doctor with a full picture of the problems and their fastest solvation. The easiest way for you to be sure about your 100% health is passing the dermoscopy procedure as soon as possible in ALTOS Clinic!

Computer diagnosis of skin determines:

  • skin type;
  • skin moisture;
  • skin oiliness;
  • skin stiffness;
  • pore sizes;
  • the texture of the skin and the course of changing any irregularities;
  • status of skin deep layers;
  • skin pigmentation;
  • the nature of neoplasms (moles) before deleting them.

How is it going?

The procedure is performed with the device dermatoscope that provides an enlargement of any object in ten times making it possible to assess the condition of skin as well as structure and other indicators of tumors and lumps. While exploring the area, you can take a picture and save the image in digital format at the highest resolution possible. Previously, to obtain such data you had to, as the first step, remove any suspicious tissue. Thanks to this session, diagnosis can be carried out without any surgery, what means that the procedure is absolutely painless. In our clinic you will be able to remove a mole or other growths if a need for this is found. So, be sure to call us to know about the reasonable dermoscopy price in ALTOS Clinic.

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Dermatoscopic examination

  • 1 mole - 23 EUR
  • for each other mole - 2 EUR