Endoscopic forehead lift


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A Professional and Trustworthy Endoscopic Surgeon of Our Clinic

If you are looking for a professional and experienced endoscopic surgeon, then you should arrange a visit to the doctors of ALTOS Clinic. They undertake the endoscopic face lift on a higher level and guarantee more attractive and young look. This procedure represents a kind of alternative to the operative treatment. Thanks to our endoscopic surgeon, it’s less invasive and so the recovery time will be shorter.

The usage of endoscopic laser

In general this therapy favours the minimization of aging signs with the aid of incisions. Our doctors usually make three of them and insert a special thin device called endoscopic laser into the dermis. Equipped with a small camera, it simplifies the therapy giving an opportunity to control it on a monitor. Then doctors use surgical instruments of small size to remove the excess of fatty tissue and reshape all the muscles. This way any problems of derma dropping or sagging can be solved.

Candidates for this therapy

The endoscopy doctor of ALTOS Clinic recommends this treatment for patients with moderate imperfections of skin such as fine lines around the nose, sagging on cheeks, and so on. The average age of people who make an appointment for this procedure is between 30 and 50 years old.

Benefits of applying to endoscopy clinic

In addition to getting great face results, ALTOS Clinic assures you in improvement of skin texture in a chosen area – it also refers to such parts which are difficult to treat during an ordinary cosmetic surgery. What’s more, incisions made at the time of session improve the skin flexibility. Besides, by arranging a visit to our endoscopy clinic you can be confident in the lack of any complications.

We use new professional equipment which allows our specialists undertaking procedures of any levels of difficulty. Our patients are not only citizens of Czech Republic, but also clients from around the world. Become of them and make sure of our high-grade and timely service!

If you want to ask some questions, contact our managers who are always glad to give you any information or consultation before the procedure.