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Facelift Surgery for Skin and Muscles Tightening

ALTOS Clinic offers a facelift surgery, which helps to get rid of deep wrinkles, unpleasant sagging of soft tissues, and stored fat in the area of chin and neck. It is also a helpful therapy in case of face folds, deep lines, and the lack of smooth or firm jaw line. The causes for the facelift surgery may be different:

  • heredity;
  • the particular skin type;
  • sunlight influence;
  • lifestyle features.

Facelift procedure

Before the facelift procedure every patient will have a compulsory pre-operative consultation in ALTOS Clinic. At this stage our surgeons will provide you the final decision and the type of session you are advised to do. Don’t forget to tell them about your medicine intolerance as it’s an important part of the facelift procedure. After this your session will be scheduled.

Usually this session takes about 3 or 4 hours and it is usually carried out under the general anaesthesia as it is more comfortable.

Plastic surgery facelift and its types

A full plastic surgery facelift presents itself series of sessions conducted in various areas. Not all the clients of our clinic have to choose this complex as usually a combination of sessions is more than enough. For example, during the plastic surgery facelift our surgeons can make the facelift of lower or middle part, and skin on a forehead.

Lift of skin on a forehead is often called the eyebrow lifting. Its aim is to take away the existing cross wrinkles and reduce the irritating lines between eyebrows. Due to this session the lowered eyebrow line is being tightened and the upper part of face is being rejuvenated.

The facelift surgery procedure on the eyelids may be carried out isolated on the upper or lower one or on both of them in the meantime. This session supposes the removal or advancement of stored fat from this area and also the problem solving in case of skin or tissue plethory, what makes your eyes look attractive and expressive.

Lifting in the middle zone is often combined with chin lift. Owing to one session the face definition is being renovated as the muscles become tightened. Lift in the lower part is conducted in order to struggle with drooping of soft tissues, deep wrinkles appeared because of skin aging, and sagging. This procedure allows making a reposition of subdermal tissues and muscles by smoothing the skin.

Neck lifting supposes the removal of drooping or sagging in this zone and making it smooth and defined. For those patients who can boast of perfect skin elasticity this procedure may be carried out alone. If your skin is poor or fair, our doctors will recommend making facelift as well. This combination of sessions will guarantee more appealing look.

Our surgeons will select the most appropriate complex of the latest facelift procedures to get the result you could only dream of before.

Who can make an appointment for this session?

The best candidates for cosmetic surgery facelift are those clients whose skin layer is in a relatively good condition. As for the age, usually people from 40 to 70 years old feel need in this therapy. Too tanned skin can become a problem in this case since it’s extremely difficult to obtain the same results as for pale or a bit tanned skin.


By making an appointment at ALTOS Clinic, you will get a full range of helpful services and what is more important – get the look you wanted:

  • tightening of facial muscles;
  • rearrangement of underlying skin structure;
  • better configuration;
  • repairing of loose skin;
  • beautiful jaw line contour;
  • jowl elimination.

The main advantage of facial lifting is an opportunity to get an attractive, young, and fresh look. That is possible due to new and high-quality equipment used in our clinic, the professionalism of our doctors, and a great experience in this sphere.

Pricing policy

While many other medical centers prefer to tend to a high facelift cost, we try to make our service affordable for our patients from any part of the world. We are glad to notice that ALTOS Clinic serves clients from any cities and countries and always offers them a reasonable facelift surgery cost.

Our friendly and polite managers are ready to answer any questions worrying you, including the types of therapy we provide or a lower facelift cost – so, feel free to contact us!

Facelift surgery

  • Face-lift (face) - from 2 045 EUR
  • Face-lift (face and neck) - from 2 841 EUR
  • Frontal Neck-lift - from 341 EUR
  • Neck-lift - from 1 364 EUR
  • Silhouette-lift - from 2 614 EUR
  • Midface-lift - from 1 364 EUR
  • Miniface-lift - from 1 545 EUR
  • Eyebrow Lift - from 1 023 EUR