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We all wish to be happy and live an exciting life in its fullest.
To do that one must always consider his/her lifestyle as an essential part.

High-quality and healthy food has an incredible influence on the body, yet people often ask for advice in nutrition only when it is almost too late, when they already suffer from serious health problems.

In Altos clinic we offer assistance to everyone who wants to enjoy themselves again and feel great in their bodies.

Feel and look younger, recover your lost energy, rediscover your sense of joy, regain greater self-confidence – all these are easily achievable with the help of healthy nutrition and a proper lifestyle change.

Our nutrition advisors are here to create a nutrition plan tailored for your body and its needs!

The key to success lies in putting together a meal plan with a precise ratio of nutrients exactly as your body requires.

High level of visceral fat poses a substantial risk to one’s health, thus leaving no space for weight-loss experiments.

Visceral fat

Visceral fat is accumulated in the abdomen around and inside our organs and is there to protect them.

Should we develop excess visceral fat, it can threaten us significantly more than subcutaneous fat, as visceral fat is closely associated with higher fat levels in the blood. This can lead to serious chronic diseases, in particular diabetes as well as such acute illnesses as myocardial infarction and stroke. The tricky part about visceral fat lies in the fact that an individual is often unaware about his/her excess inner fat.

While too much of subcutaneous fat displays itself quite obviously on our skin surface, visceral fat is hidden inside. One of its visible signs is a larger waistline.

Interesting enough, visceral fat has nothing to do with the amount of subcutaneous fat in the body, in other words, even if one does not suffer from excess subcutaneous fat, his/her health may be covertly threatened by visceral fat. No doubt that a certain percentage of body fat is important for our life. However, the problem arises when the proportion that is adequate for one’s age, sex, etc. is largely exceeded. At that moment this body “helper” becomes a dangerous enemy.

Higher than normal volume of visceral fat is likely to be uncovered to:

  • a woman with a waist measure greater than 88 cm
  • a man with a waist measure greater than 102 cm

New research indicates that even if the weight or the percentage of fat in the body does not change, the rate of visceral fat may still grow subtly. In that case the fat is being stored in those places where it is hard to measure. With age or due to adverse hormonal changes in the body we can observe the tendency to accumulate excess internal fat in the abdomen and around abdominal organs.

Visceral fat reduction can be achieved by changing a meal plan and thanks to a healthy weight loss.

  • Initial consultation InBody (20 minutes) (without analysis and recommendations) 20 minutes - 27 EUR
  • Microneedling anti-cellulite
    1 ampoule - 173 EUR
    2 ampoules - 218 EUR
    3 ampoules - 255 EUR
  • Radiofrequency lifting TriActive facial/body treatment
    45 minutes - 98 EUR
    package of 6 sessions - 482 EUR
  • Pressotherapy (lymphatic drainage)
    1 session - 39 EUR
    package of 6 sessions - 182 EUR
  • Mesotherapy 1 area - from 175 EUR *
    * The final price depends on the scope of application and amount of used material.
    It is recommended to repeat procedure 3 times.
  • Injection lipolysis
    double chin area - 134 EUR
    1 area (belly, tights, flanks, buttocks) - 182-409 EUR
    The final price depends on the amount of used material.
  • Wrap Cellulit VIB 1 session (90 min) - 73 EUR