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Perhaps, everyone who has ever been interested in injection lipolisys, immediately had questions like "Why is it so cheap?», «What will be effect?» or «Is it even safe?» Our article will help you to dispel any doubts about the procedure, and if you feel that your shape is not perfect, this method is a simple, economical and effective way to improve your body.

Injection lipolysis is a method of eliminating fat deposits in problem areas of the body and the face (chin area). It can be used to correct the body contour after surgical liposuction as well.

The method consists in injection of preparation based on lecithin. This agent effectively dissolves fats, which are naturally excreted. Lecithin is injected into the problem areas a hyper-thin needle. Despite the deep depth of injecting, the procedure is practically painless and is performed without anesthesia.

Lipolysis is a fast outpatient procedure, which lasts only about half an hour and does not require special preparations. After the procedure patients must limit physical activity and refuse to visit the sauna and solarium.

Does the claimed effect correspond to the price?

The cost of the procedure is really very attractive and is available to everyone contrary to the wide-spread belief that such methods of eliminating fat deposits require large financial outlays. And as a consequence, people may have doubts about the effectiveness and safety of this relatively cheap procedure.

In fact, the price is completely justified. Although lipolysis aimed at eliminating fat deposits, it is not comparable to surgical liposuction in complexity. But the effect is quite noticeable: in addition to removing fat from the body, the skin strengthens due to the stimulation of collagen.

However, it should be taken into account that in order to combat large amounts of fat, the procedure must be repeated several times. It is also important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat right and follow the doctor's recommendations.

Any complications or side effects after lipolysis are practically eliminated. Although small swellings may appear, they will come down within a few days.

Important point

In view of their simplicity, such procedures are available in the price list of many beauty salons. However, you must be very careful by choosing a center or clinic. The procedure of eliminating fat deposits with the help of injections still should be done only by an experienced specialist, although it does not involve the use of complex techniques. Remember that the beauty and health of your body is at stake.

We recommend to contact a professional dermatological clinic with all the necessary equipment and professional services - the Altos clinic in Prague. You will not only be satisfied with the result, but also cheer yourself up by spending time with friendly staff in very comfortable place. Just visit our clinic and see for yourself!

  • double chin area - 148 EUR
  • 1 area (belly, tights, flanks, buttocks) - 182-409 EUR
    The final price depends on the amount of used material.