Laser birthmark removal


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Laser birthmark removal is a non-surgical modern method of ridding of birthmarks with the help of a CO2 laser.

The laser enables to remove birthmarks anywhere on the body: nose, neck, back, face, arms, stomach, genitals, armpits, etc.

Painless Birthmark Surgery

If you are looking for a reliable medical center offering a birthmark surgery, then ALTOS Clinic services are at your disposal. Our experienced and qualified surgeons will carry out this type of procedure in a professional and top-quality way. We are ready to accept patients from any cities and countries, therefore don’t hesitate to contact us and make an appointment for a birthmark surgery.

The usage of a new laser CO2 allows us removing birthmarks from any part of the body: nose, arms, neck, abdomen, face, and others. This method suggests the minimal level of traumatism and the lack of unpleasant scars. Thanks to our plastic surgery for birthmark removal, a patient won’t face inflammatory processes or viral infection since the contact between instrument and blood doesn’t take place. Besides, the laser stimulates skin regeneration and prevents from bleeding owing to its coagulating capacity.


  • short-term procedure (several minutes for 1 birthmark);
  • pleasant look and the lack of any skin defects;
  • excluded risk of inflammations;
  • no medical treatment before the therapy.

Is the plastic surgery for birthmarks painful?

If you have decided to make plastic surgery for birthmarks, then you don’t need to worry: this process is almost painless. Only some patients note mild burning sensations or feelings, which they describe as a rubber band touching their skin. So, any patient can bear it.

After undergoing this procedure the skin seems to be dark purple. It’s absolutely normal and in 7-10 days you won’t have any traces left, of course, if you follow all the instructions of our birthmark specialist:

  • don’t scratch this area;
  • don’t be in the sun for too long;
  • don’t use creams, lotions, and other cosmetics after the therapy;
  • after several weeks use sun-screening creams in the sun.

The importance of dermatoscopy

Before making an appointment for this procedure, please, consult our doctor and carry out the dermatoscopy, which will help to diagnose the type of neoplasm. Our specialists are always glad to render their professional assistance and do their best to achieve the results you wanted paying as much attention as possible to your health.

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  • Examination with digital dermatoscope (1 mole) - 23 EUR
  • Examination with digital dermatoscope (for each other mole) - 2 EUR
  • 1 birthmark CO2 laser removal - 86 EUR
  • 2 birthmarks CO2 laser removal - 145 EUR
  • Up to 3 birthmark CO2 laser removal - 218 EUR
  • for each other (from 4th) CO2 laser removal - 36 EUR
  • Excize (surgical removal) small size - 118 EUR
  • Excize (surgical removal) large size - 164 EUR
  • Histology lab examination - 89 EUR
* Local anesthesia is not included in the cost of the procedure