Laser Clinics in Prague

Laser dermatology is the field of modern medicine, which supposes the usage of the latest laser technologies, thanks to which, the results of such procedures are always guaranteed and exact. It helps to solve a great range of problems connected with skin condition:

  • Removes birthmarks, warts, papillomas, scars, stretch marks;
  • Treats acne, comedones, ingrown nails, etc.

Laser Therapy

The treatment is one of physiotherapy methods based on laser ray influence on the particular zone. It not only fulfills its main task (removes birthmarks, warts, and so on), but in most cases has impact on reasons of disease or imperfections. As a result, the nutrition of soft tissues is improved; cells of the immune system are activated; skin protective properties are raised. The positive result is seen immediately if we talk about removal and within several days – if it refers to treatment.


Laser clinics Altos recommends some categories of people refraining from this procedure. So, you should consult our specialist to get all the required recommendations about the chosen procedure and possible contradictions.

Procedures of Our Center

Our clinic offers you to attend the doctor by choosing one of the following procedures mentioned below. You will get a beautiful, healthy and shining skin and so look younger. We use a reliable equipment of Italian manufacturer DEKA; therefore, we guarantee 100% desired results. Make sure of it yourself by looking at photos before and after the therapy!

  • Laser removal of papillomas and other skin neoplasms − a therapy which doesn’t leave any scars and is absolutely painless. The results are remarkable upon the procedure.
  • Laser resurfacing – the session on removal of coarsened derma layers. It is carried out by means of the latest laser CO2 Smartxide 2.
  • Vascular laser treatment is conducted with the use of a selective laser Synchro NdYAG. After the therapy, vessels disappear immediately and don’t show up with time.
  • Birthmark removal with the help of the laser gives an opportunity to avoid bleeding, doesn’t require special preparations, and guarantees the minimum traumatism level.
  • Atrophic and hypertrophic scar treatment, as well as consequences of acne takes place with the help of fractional laser CO2. Thanks to it, the procedure is absolutely safe and at the same time it removes scars on any part of the body.

Turn to experienced specialists of our center to get qualified assistance in any type of laser skin treatment! We will provide all the necessary recommendations so that you could be sure in the desired results.

The video presented below will show how the laser CO2 Smartxide works. It’s better to see everything in advance to get the first vision of this therapy and results which you will see in the future.

Most required treatments

Beautiful, healthy and brightened skin will return your youth, will raise your self-esteem and will fill your life with satisfaction. All skin imperfections, including veins, wrinkles, pigments, etc., today can be effectively removed by our laser methods with the help of excellent equipment, manufactured by quality Italian company DEKA. We use an individual approach to each client in order to minimize the cares of your skin.
Laser dermatology methods help to improve the condition and appearance of the skin, rejuvenate and smooth the face – non-invasively and with minimal strain.