Laser epilation on LightSheer DUET


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American company Lumenis made a revolution in the sphere of epilation by creating the device LightSheer Duet with a unique technology of vacuum intensification and a big size of adjutage. That’s why the procedure of diode laser epilation is undertaken painlessly and very quickly.

The diode laser Light Sheer Duet perfectly goes for removal of light and grey hair at all skin photo types (I-VI).

During the procedure the hair follicle absorbs the laser energy and heats up, what causes its destruction, whereupon the surrounding tissues are not damaged. The energy of laser impulse is chosen in such a way that it would be enough for hair removal, while the wave length of laser radiation and impulse parameters are selected so that the influence on surrounding tissues was excluded.

Practically, the patient always had to choose between a wish to get the maximal efficiency and high discomfort or keep the desired comfort level, but lose in procedure efficiency. Today everything has changed thanks to the development of the diode laser for epilation with a unique technology of vacuum intensification by American scientists.

The technology of vacuum intensification works the following way. Vacuum absorbs the skin into the handle cage. During this process hair follicles maximally buckle to the source of light – diode matrix. The melanin layer at skin surface becomes thinner by reducing an off-target radiation absorption by epidermis. Owing to reduction of vessel diameter, the zone of influence has less blood - the off-target laser radiation absorption by hemo globin reduces. The inner reflection surface of handle gives the diffused laser rays back to the targeted area. All these effects help to reduce the energy flow necessary for effective follicle destruction and make the session of laser epilation maximally comfortable and safe.

The technology ChillTip allows processing small and sensitive areas with deep and firm hair bulbs (for example, bikini zone) effectively. This adjutage is the smallest among the existing models with technology of contact cooling. The cooling reduces pain and makes the procedure more comfortable.

Laser Sheer Duet as the best method of epilation

Laser sheer duet is the way of epilation made with the help of powerful new equipment named LightSheer DUET. The main advantage of this method is that it doesn’t need any kinds of preparations and anaesthesia during that process. It usually takes from 5 to 20 minutes in order to get rid of extra hair on your body; it just depends on the area of integument. Don’t worry; this laser sheer duet process won’t bring any pain and even discomfort. Good emotions are the only thing to be delivered during it. Even those who have dark skin won’t suffer from this procedure. You will need several sessions to effectively remove unwanted hair on your body, the number of procedures is always determined individually for each client.

Why do you need to choose sheer laser hair removal?

There is a plenty of advantages in this variant of hair removal:

  • it’s quick;
  • it’s effective;
  • it’s safe;
  • it’s painless.

What is it about?

During the session the doctor touches the patient’s skin with LightSheer DUET’s special ajutage. An integument is getting soaked and then the laser starts working. The person feels warmness spreading in that area; it means the hair follicles are affected by DUET. This method can treat axillae, bikini zone, and shanks. You need to wait for 6-8 weeks between the sessions.

Some instructions

ALTOS Clinic’s doctors advise you not to take bath or go swimming for 2 weeks preceding the operation. 3 hours before it you will have to shave hair in the needed area. That is all!

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* numbing cream included

Upper lip50 EUR132 EUR
Nostrils50 EUR132 EUR
Chin75 EUR205 EUR
Between the eyebrows36 EUR91 EUR
Facial epilation191 EUR536 EUR
Eyebrow shaping59 EUR159 EUR
Cheeks127 EUR359 EUR
Beard area191 EUR536 EUR
Earlobes68 EUR182 EUR
Areola75 EUR205 EUR
Chest305 EUR850 EUR
Stomach and breast395 EUR1.114 EUR
Armpits132 EUR368 EUR
Upper half of the back and shoulders259 EUR750 EUR
Back395 EUR1.114 EUR
Full arms357 EUR1.023 EUR
Forearms191 EUR536 EUR
Backs of the hands111 EUR309 EUR
Forearms + backs of the hands259 EUR732 EUR
Abdominal hair59 EUR150 EUR
Bikini line111 EUR309 EUR
Brazilian epilation (bikini line + intimate parts)214 EUR600 EUR
Full legs (thighs, knees, calves, feet, toes)445 EUR1.200 EUR
Thighs318 EUR886 EUR
Calves279 EUR795 EUR
Buttocks279 EUR795 EUR