Laser for biostimulation

A biostimulating laser is used to treat and repair various tissues. Thanks to such features the biostimulating laser has a truly wide application in aesthetic dermatology.

Monochromatic and coherent light emitted by the laser accelerates tissue metabolism, stimulates growth of new blood vessels and improves blood supply towards skin tissues. Moreover, muscle tension is released, thus minimising one of the major reasons of wrinkles emergence. Restoration of cells ultimately results in skin rejuvenation. Finally, application of special hydrating, cleansing or regenerating masks, which contain certain active agents that enhance the effects of the laser, yields significant positive results.

The laser beam penetrates as deep as up to 2 cm down, therefore affecting the subcutaneous structures. The laser’s energy becomes absorbed by the cytochromatic cells in the skin, and with the help of mitochondria the energy balance within the cells gets restored. In addition, penetration of oxygen into the tissues improves, while also enhancing metabolism and tissue reparation processes. What is more, this procedure activates macrophages, i.e. the cells responsible for removal of toxins from the body and regeneration of body tissues. Finally, it boosts the activity of fibroblasts – the cells of connective tissue that produce collagen as well as the enzymes, which are vital for the body.

The use of gels in laser therapy creates the effect of a mini-greenhouse, which stimulates not only metabolism, but also regeneration of skin cells. The laser acts as an antioxidant, thus helping to revive fading skin. When combined with various masks it possesses a pronounced therapeutic effect, specifically in treating acne, causing the pores to narrow, consequently reducing the production of sebum. In particular, application of a mask with hyaluronic acid greatly hydrates the skin and smoothens fine mimic wrinkles.