Laser Synchro Q-Switch4

Laser Synchro Q-Switch4 is a new generation of lasers designed to meet the growing demand for safe and effective technology to remove tattoos, which has not been possible before. The new laser has really revolutionized, expanding capabilities of dermatology.

The Synchro QS4 system is a new advanced Q-switched Nd: YAG laser for the treatment of tattoo, dermal and epidermal benign pigment lesions. It provides optimal results while maintaining full safety and without undesirable effects. Effective removal of multicolored tattoos is achieved by using a Q-switched laser with 4 different lengths. Its advantage is the highest efficiency and safety without side effects. There is no risk of scarring in connection with the use of the Q-Switch4 laser.

The system operates on the basis of a pulsed laser with the possibility of switching the wavelength. A certain wavelength is selectedfor each color of the tattoo, which allows to achieve the desired result. Thedestructed pigment is excreted through the lymphatic system. By using a larger spot with deeper penetration, the deeply located pigment can be destructed without damaging the surrounding tissues.

Laser nozzles of different sizes provide protection against overlapping of treated areas and useTop-Hat technology(energy flow distribution), which increases the efficiency and safety of the procedure.