Laser removal of skin defects


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Laser removal of skin defects and lesions is way to remove birthmarks, warts and other neoplasms, mainly for aesthetic reasons.

Such defects generally include ichthyosis (genital warts), papillomas, fibromas, nevi, lipomas (fat lesions), birthmarks, warts and other benign neoplasms.
Skin neoplasms on the skin vary greatly in nature, but what they have in common is that they are aesthetically unappealing and may cause discomfort, especially when they occur on the face or in the places of immediate contact with clothing. As a result such lesion may run the risk of being injured, or if aesthetically unattractive, evoking not so pleasant feelings in other people.

  • Laserové odstranění kožních lézí
  • Laserové odstranění kožních lézí
  • Laserové odstranění kožních lézí
  • Laserové odstranění kožních lézí
  • Laserové odstranění kožních lézí
  • Laserové odstranění kožních lézí
  • Laserové odstranění kožních lézí
  • Laserové odstranění kožních lézí
  • Laserové odstranění kožních lézí
  • Laserové odstranění kožních lézí
  • Laserové odstranění kožních lézí

Dot Laser Resurfacing and Its Effectiveness

In our clinic you can professionally ablate condylomas, papillomas, fibromas, birthmarks, warts, and other types of skin neoplasms by choosing the procedure of dot laser resurfacing. Professional doctors having enough knowledge and experience are able to achieve the desired results of patients with minimal downtime. During the dot laser resurfacing we use high-grade equipment: Smart Xide Dot and Synchro Replay, which have shown themselves as reliable and approved leaders in the market of laser apparatus.

The procedure of therapy

Dot skin laser resurfacing suggests the rejuvenation of skin; therefore it will be helpful for patients suffering from acne scars, wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage, and other disorders. It is based on penetration into skin with a help of Smart Xide Dot, vaporization of small areas, and creation of bridges, which activate recovering processes.

Dot skin resurfacing and its benefits

Dot skin resurfacing creates young, appealing and healthy appearance. New collagen produced during the procedure requires about 30 days to become completely formed. It ensures strength and flexibility, which are so necessary in struggle with condylomas, fibromas, birthmarks, and other irritating types of skin disbalance.

Other benefits of dot skin resurfacing are:

  • improvement of skin texture and colour;
  • the lack of wrinkles, which will seem smooth after the therapy;
  • reduction of scars and acne.

One more obvious advantage is dot resurfacing recovery time, which owing to our qualified doctors won’t last for long. Of course, it usually depends on skin type, kind of procedure itself, but still most patients note that at first week they have redness and sometimes peeling. Those, who can’t leave house without make-up, may feel comfortable because in 7 days they will be able to do it.

The best clinic to make this therapy

ALTOS Clinic is possessed of everything necessary for top-quality service: experienced doctors, friendly personnel, modern and approved equipment, and, of course, reasonable prices. We can assure you in satisfactory results – you will forget about warts, papillomas, and other neoplasms as after our therapy they will never bother you again. Make an appointment for this procedure!

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Epidermal formations (non-pegmented neoplasms), warts CO2 laser removal

  • treatment (depending on the size) - 57-127 EUR
* Local anesthesia is not included in the cost of the procedure

Birthmarks CO2 laser removal

  • 1 birthmark - 73 EUR
  • 2 birthmarks - 109 EUR
  • 3 birthmarks - 155 EUR
  • for each other (from 4th) - 36 EUR

Birthmarks excize surgical removal

  • small size - 73 EUR
  • large size - 136 EUR
  • histology lab examination - 50 EUR

Hemangiomas Synchro Nd:Yag laser removal

  • treatment (depending on the scope, size and quantity) - 36-364 EUR

Blood vessels removal

  • nose and nasal wings - 82 EUR
  • cheeks - 114 EUR
  • one leg (small size) - 64 EUR
  • legs (small size) - 109 EUR
  • one leg (medium size) - 86 EUR
  • legs (medium size) - 145 EUR
  • one leg (large size) - 132 EUR
  • legs (large size) - 223 EUR

Scars and stretch marks removal

  • Fractional CO2 laser 1 scar treatment - from 55 EUR 1 stretch mark treatment - from 127 EUR * Depending on the size of the treated area
  • Microneedling 1 area (belly, tights, breast, arms) - 195 EUR package of 3 sessions - 495 EUR
  • Microneedling antifibrous 1 ampoule - 195 EUR 2 ampoules - 218 EUR 3 ampoules - 255 EUR
  • Diprosone (1 application) - 82 EUR

Pigmented stains and melasma removal

  • Chemical peel 1 area (face, neck area and décolleté, backs of the hands) - 82 EUR package of 4 sessions (1 area) - 282 EUR face and décolleté - 132 EUR
  • Retinol Peel 1 session - 118 EUR package of 4 sessions - 436 EUR
  • SYNCHRO QS4 / CO2 small size - 73-118 EUR medium size - 118-164 EUR large size - 205-255 EUR
  • Photorejuvenation IPL (intense pulsed light) 1 area (face or neck area or décolleté or back of the hands area) - 102 EUR

Tattoo removal SYNCHRO QS4 / CO2

  • minor test treatment - 23 EUR
  • 1 cm2 - 44 EUR

Onychomykóza (plíseň nehtů)

  • treatment - from 73 EUR