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If you want your eyes to be the most expressive part of your face, they should be lively and natural. Otherwise, you will seem upset and tired or just older when you are. Surgical intervention at eyelids or eyelid lift perfectly does for upper or lower eyelid correction and both of them at once. This animation will describe lower eyelid surgery, which helps to struggle with swelling and baggy skin below the eyes.

Lower eyelid skin is very thin, especially in the middle. A muscular layer is located directly under the eyelid skin and is separated from a conjunctive tissue by thin conjunctive membrane called an orbital septum. Muscles and the orbital septum are becoming strained and flabby with age. A fatty tissue begins to move up to the non-elastic tissue, what causes swelling and baggy skin below the eyes. What’s more, there are changes in skin structure itself. Collagen and elastane fibers maintaining its tone start decaying with time leading to skin laxity by making it loose.

There are two ways of procedure on adipogenesis elimination or advancement in infraorbital region.

Surgical approach from outer or inner side of lower eyelid. Let’s examine the lower eyelid lift by outer access called transcutaneous lower eyelid surgery. This variant supposes an incision along the outer surface of lower eyelid and sometimes a small incision of muscular tissue. Inner access or transconjunctival eyelid surgery implies one incision from the inner side of the lower eyelid along the thin membrane lining it from within – a conjunctive. This variant of surgical intervention goes for patients with evident body fat by maintained skin tone and the lack of frank skin excess.

The lower eyelid procedure is usually carried out under general anaesthesia, what means that you will sleep during the session. Shielding plastic barriers reminding of contact lens may be placed under the eyelids.

During the outer access session guides for a future incision might be marked directly below the eyelash growth line along the lower eyelid. It is made in order to have the postoperative scar almost invisible. A surgeon makes the incision and mobilizes the lower eyelid muscles. This musculocutaneous flap is separated from the orbital septum. The surgeon opens the orbital septum gently and creates an access to three fatty pads of the lower eyelid area. Fat tissue is eliminated or moved in a way to reduce the swelling below the eyes. At the end of the session the skin excess at lower eyelid is removed as well as the small amount of muscle tissue if necessary. It helps to get rid of the baggy skin below the eyes. Tissues near the eyes are brought together and attached by unnoticeable sutures.

The inner access session is conducted with the help of incision at the inner surface of lower eyelid. The surgeon gently moves the lower eyelid away from the eye and makes a small incision at conjunctive by baring three fatty pads of the lower eyelid area. The elimination of three of them allows ridding of swelling.

After the procedure you may feel some pain, have bruises or tissue swelling. To reduce the discomfort maximally, you will be recommended to have a cold compress and drink painkillers. You should avoid doing physical exercises such as weight lifting or training in a gym. All this information will be written in the doctor’s prescription to decrease the rehabilitation period. As a rule, the sutures are taken off on the 2nd or 3rd day after the session and the patches are placed to make the suture maximally invisible. You should also know that bruises under the eyes will disappear in 7 or 14 days. Eyelid surgery won’t prevent your eyes from aging, but it will help in reduction of swelling and baggy skin below the eyes. The results of this treatment last for long, while your eyes look bright and relaxed as you wanted.

  • Upper eyelids - 614 EUR 432 EUR
  • Lower eyelids - 659 EUR 523 EUR
  • Upper and lower eyelids - 1 091 EUR 909 EUR