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Mesotherapy is the most effective non-surgical procedure based on infusion of active drugs by intradermic injections direct to the problem area.
Mesotherapy 'cocktails' may contain: amino acids, coenzymes, microelements, lipolytic and vasoactive agents, medical extracts, homeopathic humors, which are injected into the derma in small doses with the help of thin and short needles.
During the mesotherapy treatment a kind of ‘microtrauma’ takes place in hyperdermic layer resulting in increase of blood circulation, activation of metabolism and cell renewal mechanism. Injected medicine is delivered at a depth of 1.5-6 mm, what makes the mesotherapy treatment almost painless (for extremely sensitive areas local or topical anaesthesia is used) and non-invasive.

Mesotherapy Treatment and Its Benefits

Mesotherapy treatment is the procedure that helps you to get the body of your dreams.

Indications for body mesotherapy treatment:

  • Cellulite, flabby skin;
  • Excess fat in the body;
  • Stretch marks and scars.

The mesotherapy procedure and its features

The mesotherapy procedure will do well for those who want to improve their own look by passing an easy and powerful procedure at ALTOS Clinic.

The drug insertion can be carried out by using several kinds of methods:

The equipment-specific one
This method involves the use of an automatic pistol (injector), which is formed from a syringe with a mesotherapeutic needle. Injector detects insertion depth, amount and speed of the drug that reduces pain, time of the session and makes it possible to process some very large areas. Most suitable for the cellulite correction and elimination of unwanted centimeters your body possesses.

The technique lies in the insertion of the drug by hand, it does not use additional automatic pistols. Advantages of manual technique: the ability to work in tight spaces, economy of procedure. It is mainly used for getting rid of stretch marks and some minor defects.

Laser mesotherapy

The laser mesotherapy is based on the method of laser phoresis: under the influence of a “cold” laser light (not heated, it does not damage the skin integument) and specifically its open “transport channels”. Through these channels and intercellular spaces low molecular substances are applied to the skin surface, therefore they are able to penetrate deep into its layers. Laser mesotherapy is considered to be very effective.

Drugs used in our clinic

The lipo mesotherapy procedure does not take much time − usually it is about 10-15 minutes. The number of necessary procedures is determined by dermatologist depending on the desired result. Repeated sessions are performed within 7-10 days. During the course the anticoagulation medicine is contraindicated (these are heparin, aspirin). Creams and a variety of beauty products aren’t applied to the treated area for the following 24 hours.

The mesotherapy combined with other methods such as ultrasound liposuction and RF gives a more pronounced lifting effect. As it is known, the combination of the fat-fight methods leads to the long-standing results.


There are several contraindications to such procedure in our mesotherapy clinic you should care about:

  • pregnancy and lactation,
  • post-operative recovery period,
  • cholelithiasis,
  • infectious diseases,
  • chronic kidney and liver failure,
  • individual intolerance to certain drugs,
  • bleeding disorders.

What do people tell about us?

Mesotherapy reviews of our dear customers tell for themselves − the effectiveness of this method is undisputed due to its simplicity and low mesotherapy prices. It also doesn’t leave any visible marks after it, so everything you are going to remember is a calm and painless stay in ALTOS Clinic! All you have to do is to contact us and talk to your attending doctor as soon as possible!


  • 1 session - from 223 EUR
  • package of 3 sessions - with a discount 15%
The final price depends on the scope of application and amount of used material.
It is recommended to repeat procedure 3 times.