Middle Face Lift


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1. If you suffer from sagging skin under eyes and marked lacrimal sulcus making your face old, then you are prescribed to undertake the middle face lift. It removes wrinkles and other signs of aging. Patients, who conduct this procedure, hope to get more happy and young appearance in the area of middle face and neck. As a rule, they are younger than candidates for circular face lift.

2. Middle face lift is often associated with eyelid surgery. This session allows renewing face contours in the area limited by eyes and mouth corners. Hypodermic muscles and fat depots are pulled up in the direction of zygomatic bone. The skin also rises toward cheek-bones – it’s a kind of indicator that the surgery was successful.

3. The surgery is conducted under general anaesthesia, so you will sleep during the whole procedure. As a rule, it takes 1 or 2 hours. Your surgeon will assist you in selecting a complex of procedures, which will let you achieve the desired result.

4. A small upper cut is usually located above each ear, in the temple area well-hidden under hair. Another cut is made on the inferior eyelid, below the lash growth line. One more, lower cut is conducted on the transitional gum fold, below the upper lip. The instrument is inserted between the upper and lower cuts to lift the skin, hypodermic fat depots, and muscles above the bone. After this, with the help of sutures, the surgeon tightens fat depots and muscles with each other, raise them, and fix to the tissues of temple in the area of lower cut. After the procedure all the cuts are taken in.

5. The improvement of middle face contour being noticeable after the surgery becomes more visible in 2-3 months. At first, there may be bruises and edema of face skin, for reduction of which you are recommended to use ice parcels. As a rule, the pain after the intervention is small and can be easily killed with ordinary anaesthetic. You can wash up the next day after the intervention and in several days you will come back to your usual lifestyle completely. The surgery of middle face lift will help you to get rid of aging signs and renovate more relaxed and happy appearance making you glad.

Facelift surgery

  • Face-lift (face) - from 2 045 EUR
  • Face-lift (face and neck) - from 2 841 EUR
  • Frontal Neck-lift - from 341 EUR
  • Neck-lift - from 1 364 EUR
  • Silhouette-lift - from 2 614 EUR
  • Midface-lift - from 1 364 EUR
  • Miniface-lift - from 1 545 EUR
  • Eyebrow Lift - from 1 023 EUR