Plastic Surgery in Prague Clinic

Plastic surgery presents itself as a branch of medicine, which specializes in face and body correction and rehabilitation. The surgical interventions are taken not because of the life indexes, but for the reason of acquired or inborn defects.

Types of Surgeries

There are 2 types of them: reconstructive and aesthetic. The first direction is aimed at the removal of defects, which occur to different organs and tissues (problems with eyes, the crookedness of nasal septum, etc). What’s more, it refers as to acquired, so to inborn defects. Such operations help a person to come back to a normal life. The second direction is oriented towards an immediate appearance correction and so a man may get rid of unpleasant imperfections by improving life quality in general.


Cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are popular procedures all over the world, but there are some categories of people, who are not recommended to undertake the procedures. To get more information, please, consult our specialists. They will provide all the necessary consultations and choose appropriate treatment methods.

The Most Required Procedures

Our center specializes in all types of surgeries; the most required among them are the following:

  • Blepharoplasty of lower eyelids allows getting rid of flabby eyelids, a feeling of intumescence, and irritating bags under eyes. This session assists in contour improving as during the procedure the placement of natural fat is changed or even totally removed.
  • Facelift – a complex of procedures undertaken in various zones (lower part of face, forehead skin, middle zone, eyelids). Not all the patients have to take a full complex because our surgeons will choose the best variant of surgical intervention taking into account your individual peculiarities.
  • Breast enlargement is the session which allows correcting the form or changing the size. Lift presents itself as an adjoining procedure: the renewal of tissue elasticity and naturally beautiful form.
  • Abdominoplasty relieves from flabby tummy skin, stretch marks, excessive fat in this zone and allows tightening the muscles of an abdominal wall by making it very quickly.
  • Rhinoplasty is a type of surgical intervention to correct the nose, which aims to shape and size of it. It will also help to eliminate various pathologies and aesthetic defects.

Altos clinic will assist you in changing your genetic predisposition ridding yourself of inborn and acquired defects. Our specialists will choose a complex of required procedures for you showing future results on a special 3D animation.

If you would like to know what the procedure presents itself, you may watch this video. It’s an ordinary procedure with guaranteed and satisfactory results you can be sure in.

Most required treatments

Modern improving and enhancing contours of face and body procedures are the effective solutions of the plastic surgery. Aesthetic and healing aspects are quite often being seen hand in hand. Today’s methods of surgical correction of the imperfect body, the modeling of all areas of the body for natural and perfect appearance, shape modification, illustration person’s characteristic feature – all this is ensured by plastic surgery.
We are not able to affect our genetic disposition, but we can correct it.