Prim. MUDr. Soňa Křemenová


Faculty of General Medicine, Charles University, Prague
1st degree attestation in dermatovenerology
2nd degree attestation in dermatovenerology

Training courses completed
Regular participation in professional training activities covering the whole field.
Attending professional training conferences organized by the Corrective dermatology and cosmetology society of the Czech Medical Association JEP with appropriate certificates.

Head doctor in Dermatovenerology Medical
Practical doctor
Lecturer of medical practice
Expert representative
Provider of advice services


  • Head doctor in the Dermatology department of the Hospital in Pardubice
  • Head doctor in the Dermatology department of the Hospital in Trutnov
  • Head doctor in the Dermatology department of National Institute of Health Prague 10
  • Venerological Ordinary and Head of the Dermatology Clinic of the Faculty Hospital Královské
  • Vinohrady in Prague

Training and publishing activities:
Part-time teaching at the Third Faculty of Medicine in Charles University in Prague
Author of specialist articles in many medical magazines
A member of editorial of magazines Praktický lěkař and JAMA Dermatology
Reviewer of articles and book publications in the field