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RF face lift is an innovative method in the sphere of machine cosmetology. ALTOS Clinic being in the center of all the modern tendencies works on a new multifunctional platform called TriActive+. It is produced by a well-known Italian company Deka, that’s why the quality of RF face lift is out of any doubts.

  • RF lifting před a po zákroku
  • RF lifting v obličeji

RF skin tightening procedure

The procedure consists of two stages. At first, the skin is processed with diode laser providing a vacuum effect. It ensures an intensive lymph drainage, which stimulates regeneration and speeds up the blood circulation. At the second stage our doctors use a special RF adjutage responsible for controlled heating of dermin layers and hypoderm. During the RF skin tightening the collagen is getting firm. Besides, it activates the production of new fibers. Thanks to this, your skin becomes more elastic and fresh.


  • visible skin lifting after first RF laser skin tightening;
  • stable results in 6-24 months;
  • healthy vacuum massage;
  • absolutely painless therapy;
  • the lack of any side effects;
  • no anaesthesia is required;
  • full control of tissue heating.

Indications and contradictions

The professional doctors of ALTOS Clinic are glad to serve patients from different countries and cities. A great working experience lets them determine the possibility of using the face lifting machine for your skin type. There are some indications for this treatment:

  • ptosis of facial skin;
  • facial contour changes;
  • excess skin in some areas, for example, on eyelids;
  • wrinkles around the eyes;
  • nasal labial folds.

In some cases this treatment is forbidden. It is related to patients suffering from diabetes, tissue or infectious diseases. This treatment is also not recommended for pregnant women.

Therapy costs

ALTOS is a new and innovative clinic offering high-grade medical services. If you would like to know more information about our procedures, you can get acquainted with RF face lift reviews, which are only positive. Thanks to our professional specialists and polite personnel, you will feel absolutely comfortable in our clinic!

In addition to pleasant service we render you a moderate RF skin tightening cost. We are confident that medical assistance must be affordable for everyone, who wants to care for his or her look and maintain a beautiful and healthy skin as long as possible.

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Skin firming and tightening on TriActive+

  • face, neck area or décolleté - 107 EUR
  • package of 3 sessions - 268 EUR
  • package of 6 sessions - 527 EUR
  • only with RF adjutage 1 area - 68 EUR