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Non-binding consultation

The consultation with surgeons takes place in our clinic. The client obtains detailed information about a treatment, postoperative instructions, possible risks connected with rhinoplasty. After choosing the date of surgery, the patient receives instructions for preoperative testing, which determines the best method for each.

For whom the surgery is suitable

Rhinoplasty is required for aesthetic or medical reasons – for anyone who is not satisfied with shape or size of their nose or who needs to increase respiratory function. Rhinoplasty can reduce the size of the nose, model the tip of the nose, make the nose thinner, and balance the nasal barrier with a subsequent improvement in breathing. It is available for patients over the age of 18.

Pre-treatment recommendations

About 2-4 weeks before surgery, it is necessary to discontinue the use of medications containing acetylsalicylic acid. These can affect blood clotting ability and hence cause excessive bleeding. Rhinoplasty can only be performed by a healthy patient, it is not recommended immediately after the acute illness, e.g. inflammation. This may increase the risk of complications.


Rhinoplasty is performed in general anesthesia. The complete rhinoplasty includes correction of soft parts of nose, nasal bones, alae and cartilages. Another type of rhinoplasty can correct only soft tissue of nose. The duration of surgery is 45-90 minutes. After surgery nose must be fixed by applying the splint.


Length of hospitalisation is 1-2 days. This is followed by rest at home for a period about 10 days; it is important to avoid bumping your nose, spit carefully and clean the nose with cotton dishes with disinfection during this period. Doctor also provide you with antibiotics, analgetics and anti-inflammatory medication. Sports are possible about a month after surgery.

Postoperative care

A nasal splint needs to be worn during the first 10 days, then after removal of splint nose can be bruised and swollen for several days. Smooth compressive massage can help minimize the swelling and reduce pain.


The recovery period can last to several months, and even a year. It is a different for each patient. The swelling can be noticeable after sleep or intense effort. Some patients may have a problems with nasal passages caused by production of the mucosal swelling.

  • Nasal tip only - from 1.023 EUR
  • Rhinoplasty - from 1.023 EUR
  • Rhinoplasty (open) - from 2.045 EUR