Silhouette Soft


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Innovative double effect - lifting and regeneration

Suitable areas for rejuvenation:

  • eyebrow
  • cheeks
  • face contours
  • neck

What is this magic thread lift

Lifting of soft tissues of the face with the help of absorbable threads Silhouette Soft is a minimally invasive vector lifting. They are taken up by tissue with the help of an ultra-thin needle and stimulate the formation of a new collagen line in the area where the sutures are placed or so-called collagen ,,skeleton". This method is well suited for drooping eyebrows, sagging skin on the neck and nasolabial folds.

How does it work

Through the smallest punctures, a polylactic sutures with special bifacially directed tiny cones are inserted under the skin. When cones passing through the hypodermic layer, they are fixed in the fatty tissue, thereby producing a compression of the soft tissues, i.e. the inside of the skin.

The method gives a quick, visible result due to a local increase in the volume of tissues, a sufficiently strong subcutaneous reinforcement (skeleton) which corrects the sagging of the skin, and modeling the face oval. Silhouette Soft threads are laid in the deep layers of the dermis, which provides the effect of smooth lifting without traces of contouring.

Thread lifting effect

Silhouette Soft threads are fully biocompatible with body tissues and don’t provoke any undesirable reactions, including allergies. The threads are safely absorbed during 6–8 months. The lifting effect lasts for 2–5 years.

Beginning at a certain age, not only women but also men are interested in correcting the contours of the face. An attractive aspect of this method is that the smoothing effect, as well as the improvement of its structure, comes almost immediately, after one procedure!

Our specialists will get you acquainted with the details of different techniques, and you will decide which one you prefer.

Advantages of the method:

  • the effect of lifting immediately after application;
  • renewal of collagen fibers;
  • completely absorbed material;
  • the procedure lasts for 30 minutes;
  • without going under the knife.

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