Laser SmartXide2 CO2

System SmartXide2 represents a truly innovative and exclusive instrument on the market, which is equipped with CO2 and diode lasers and enables application in various fields.

This device is the result of the RF CO2 laser evolution, now enriched with the unique technology PSD® (Pulse Shape Design).

Since it uses the synergistic action of the CO2 laser as well as the radio frequency (RF) waves, the innovative HiScan DOT/RF can target and affect all skin layers.

The technology behind SmartXide2 DOT/RF allows to adjust all the operating parameters and modular treatments in accordance with the characteristics of every individual patient as well as the target tissues and skin layers.

SmartXide2 DOT/RF virtually eliminates the risk of PIH (Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation). It is available in two wavelengths (940 nm or 980 nm) and two maximum power output options of 30W or 50W, whereas the diode laser can operate with optical fibers between 200 to 600 microns, while there is also a one-time option when it can be sterilized (ultimately for ten uses).
The heat produced on the surface level is flawlessly directed into deeper tissues, thanks to this the procedure is performed quickly and efficiently to the great advantage of the patients.
SmartXide2 DOT/RF laser penetrates into the upper layers of the dermis, a supporting layer of our skin, which holds most of the collagen. The laser targets water in the skin tissues, resulting in tissue removal inside the dots. Each dot of the laser is surrounded by space where a desired thermal tissue damage occurs thanks to the laser treatment. This thermal damage ensures an excellent and quite visible effect due to the CO2 laser application.

SmartXide Dot laser has been developed to provide maximum benefits for various types of treatments. Laser dots in immediate proximity to each other target surface problems, be it pigmentation or mild wrinkles. Deeper problems such as scars or deep skin folds are treated in larger spaces between the dots, greater dot depth, fewer dots and longer time gaps.
As a result of the thermal damage collagen in the skin is shrunk, thus making the skin immediately tightened. But what is yet more important is further improvement in the skin firmness and density of collagen: approximately 30 days after the treatment the skin collagen is remodelled and the results keep improving for another year after the procedure.