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Softlifting is latest method of a "volumising" facial rejuvenation injections with the help of fillings.

By applying softlifting one may not only rid of wrinkles, but also amend contours of the face, or literally "sculpt" it in the following ways::

  • modify the shape of the lips, raise their corners
  • lift the eyebrows thus opening the look of the eyes
  • change the shape of the tip of the nose
  • smoothen out deep wrinkles, including the nasolabial ones
  • soften the lacrimal sulcus and get rid of dark circles under the eyes
  • adjust the shape of the cheekbones
  • correct the lower part of the face and remove sagging cheeks


  • Softlifting před a po ve spodní obličejové části ze předu 2
  • Softlifting před a po ve spodní obličejové části z boku 2
  • Softlifting před a po ve spodní obličejové části výsledek
  • Softlifting před a po ve spodní obličejové části ze předu
  • Softlifting před a po ve spodní obličejové části
  • Softlifting před a po zákroku ve vrchní obličejové části
  • Softlifting provedený klinikou Altos v Praze
  • Softlifting provedený klinikou Altos
  • softlifting
  • softlifting
  • softlifting

Softlifting − a Safe Alternative to Surgical Facelifting

Softlifting presents itself a unique method of face rejuvenation with the help of fillers injected under the skin. This procedure offered in ALTOS Clinic suggests the usage of a special 3D technology, which guarantees 100% satisfactory results as after a surgical facelifting.

What are the advantages of this therapy?

First of all, the results will be visible just after the procedure, which is characterized by the lack of anaesthesia or incisions. So, you can get up and go to work just after the procedure as there are no scars or bed rest required. Secondly, you may face a small risk of inflammation or pain. Only some patients mention about discomfort, which will disappear after analgesics intake. Our professional doctors will carry out this procedure in such a way that rapid healing is guaranteed.

Which changes can be done with the help of the procedure?

  • the form of your lips will be corrected;
  • brows will be tightened;
  • the tip of your nose will be changed;
  • deep wrinkles will become smooth;
  • dark under-eyes circles will disappear;
  • the form of cheek-bones will be corrected;
  • jowls will be pulled up.

All these services are available in ALTOS Clinic right now. Our doctors know how to underline your natural beauty!

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  • Wrinkles filling with Hyaluronic Acid (1,0 ml) - from 323 EUR
  • Lip augmentation with Hyaluronic acid (1,0 ml) - from 259 EUR
The final price depends on the type of filler (due to doctor´s recommendation), the scope of application and amount of used material.
* extra charge 10 EUR for using a cannula
* The price does not include the application of a numbing cream EMLA - 5-14 EUR