Thank you for using the services of our website. Services are provided by Laserová dermatologická klinika Altos s.r.o., registered at Terronská 1095/22, Bubeneč, 160 00, Praha 6, IČ: 281 92 257 By clicking "I agree" in the contact forms on the website, you agree to the use of your personal data by Laserová dermatologická klinika Altos s.r.o. with the purpose of offering services and goods, registering you as a customer of this company, sending commercial information via e-mail in accordance with Law 480/2004 of the Laws Collection, On certain Information Society Services. Consent to the use of personal data for marketing purposes is valid for a period of time determined by law, namely within three years from the date of the provision of personal data.


Personal information is information about a particular person, necessary for his direct or indirect identification. The personal data we use are: the contact details of the person (phone, name, e-mail address, IP-address), information about the use of services, activities or preferences stored on our server. The protection of personal data is regulated by Law No. 101/2000 of the Laws Collection, On the Protection of Personal Data and on Amending Certain Laws, as amended (the "Data Protection Act").


During the visit to the site small temporary text files (named cookies) can be stored on your device. Cookies are used to evaluate the effectiveness of a website and may contain data about a visitor of the site - its IP-address and web-site related activities on the site When processing cookies, the personal data of the site visitor can be combined with the data contained in cookies. All these data are used solely for the purpose of increasing the web-site effectiveness. Altos Clinic respects the privacy rights of users and conducts processing of cookies in accordance with the relevant legal norms. Cookies are created only during the use of the site and are deleted with the closure of the site.

Cookies are also stored by third-party plug-ins (SmartSupp, Mailchimp), social networks (Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte) and analytical and advertising programs installed on the company's website (Google Analitics, Yandex metrika, Facebook pixel, Seznam Retargeting, Doubleclick, Smartlook). Data collected by third parties and stored on their servers are processed in accordance with the law on the protection of personal data.

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Personal data processing means any action or set of actions during which the processor or administrator performs automated and manual processing of data, including collection, upgrading, saving, use, correction or deletion. As a medical institution, Altos Clinic collects these personal data for the management and administration of health services, as well as for marketing purposes. Each client must accept the use of data for marketing purposes, mainly regarding the distribution of emails of informative character, commercial messages using Internet or mobile communications such as telephone calls, SMS messages and electronic messages. All these data are stored on protected media, protected by a password, and only known persons can access them.


The data is processed by Laserová dermatologická klinika Altos s.r.o., registered at Terronská 1095/22, Bubeneč, 160 00, Praha 6, IČ: 281 92 257. Altos clinic is the administrator of personal data and has the right to determine how and for what purpose will be processed Personal Data.


Access to your personal data is available only to the employees of the clinic, which necessarily adhere to the Privacy Policy, including after the termination of the employment contract between them and the company. All personal data is used only for the internal purposes of the Altos clinic and can not be transferred or accessed by individuals or legal entities that are not related to the company.


If we as administrator are engaged in the processing of your personal data, you have the right to know what your data we have, and you can contact us for the purpose of viewing your data, correcting or destroying it at any time. In accordance with the Resolution, you have the right to transfer your personal data to another administrator. If you have any doubts or need to change or correct something, you can write to us at If it is necessary to make changes, in particular, completely destroy personal data, the personal presence of the user may be required to confirm the identity (this provision does not apply to medical records that are regulated by the Health Law and must be archived).

In case you are not sure that your data has been processed legally, you have the right to file a complaint with the Office for Personal Data Protection. In the Czech Republic Office for Personal Data Protection is located at Pplk. Sochora 27, 170 00 Praha 7,


We process all personal data with care under current legislation. We use both automatic and non-automated means of processing personal data. All data is stored on secure servers only in the European Union and does not exceed its limits. Your personal data is protected and safeguarded as much as possible.

The personal data of the users of the site is stored on the server, located in the Czech Republic, which is a member of the European Union (for more information on processing personal data of WEDOS clients, see


Altos Clinic confirms that acting as the administrator of personal data, it fulfills all the legal obligations required by the current legislation, in particular the Law on the personal data protection; that the patient expressed his free and voluntary consent to the processing of his personal data; that the obligation to register with the Office for the Personal Data Protection has been met; obligations to the patient has been fulfilled in accordance with the Law on the protection of personal data, as well as all obligations of the personal data administrator in accordance with the Law on the protection of personal data.