TRIACTIVE+ platform

TriActive+ offers a unique combination of six different settings in one platform. Thanks to this the dermodynamic treatment method is rapidly becoming an integral part of the overall body care.

Given its combined and mutually supportive characteristics the TriActive+ platform uses a laser, ultrasound and radiofrequency waves to combat such imperfections as cellulite, local fat deposits or skin flabbiness.

The waves produced by the individual settings induce vibrations in adipocytes and commence a deep mechanical massage, which is highly effective in reducing fibrosis and particularly at advanced stages of cellulite. The new TriActive+ ultrasound technology is great in stimulating vascular circulation and drainage of fluids while also strengthening inner tissues.

Combined synergistic activity of these three effects encourages removal of not only the excess fluid but also the toxic matters in them. This is truly beneficial at early stages of cellulite with typical swelling and fluid retention. Then laser activity is strongly advisable as it helps to open the major lymphatic ganglia, thus driving out harmful and undesired substances from the body.

TriActive+ is an effective non-invasive solution for body forming. In case of micro-circulation problems the device performs well into the tissue depth and contributes to the improved skin nourishment.

It is equipped with three cutting-edge technologies allowing the TriActive+ laser setting to timely restore the regular conditions of homeostasis and greatly benefiting the patient.