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Upper Eyelid Lift and Its Benefits

Upper eyelid lift is one of the best methods of making you look healthier and younger. You will forget about heaviness and other unpleasant feelings in this area. An expressive glance and the lack of baggy skin can be easily achieved with the help of an upper eyelid lift.

Upper eyelid lift surgery

The skin here is thinner than anywhere else. So, here are the recommendations for the upper eyelid lift surgery:

  • age-related changes;
  • heredity;
  • skin type;
  • traumatic exposure to sunlight.

With these issues existing, the session in ALTOS is required. Otherwise you will with a large percent of sureness face such diseases as ptosis. The eyes with heavy lids make you exhausted and upset, they may also add several years or even a decade to your actual age!

The doctors of ALTOS Clinic can provide the eyebrow lifting for you, which will assert you in the goal of lifting the upper eyelid, but it is optional and only depends on your individual requirements. This is all about the fight against heavy overhanging upper eyelids with the extra-small upper eyelid surgery cost.

In ALTOS Clinic we follow two main rules referring the principles of the surgical performance:

  • there won’t be any complications;
  • a quite low rehabilitation period,
  • operation has to provide results for a long-term period.

The overview of sessions

During 14 days before the session you have to give up tanning and any alcohol. The duration of the session is 1 hour or a bit more. The eyes rejuvenation is performed under anaesthesia, which provides comfort and painless feelings both during and after it.

The postoperative period

Removal of sutures always takes about 2-6 days after the surgical intervention. On the 7th day you can go to work.

It is recommended to limit exercise, dancing and sexual contacts to refrain from any kind of visual activity during the first seven days. During 30 days you ought to avoid hot showers, saunas, steam baths, and a swimming pool.


Recovering after the individually planned operation does not exceed the standard terms. It is usually a period of 7-10 days. Finally, take into consideration pretty low upper eyelid lift cost in ALTOS Clinic to understand how cool this operation will be.

  • Upper eyelids - from 614 EUR
  • Lower eyelids - from 659 EUR
  • Upper and lower eyelids - from 1.080 EUR