Vascular Laser Treatment


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When you face problems with veins and they got popped up, you need to make some serious steps in order to improve it like vascular laser treatment.
It can help you to get rid of veins, which not only spoil the main look of your skin, but also may bring some bad consequences to you.

  • Léčba cévním laserem v obličeji
  • Léčba cévním laserem a odstranění křečových žil na nohou
  • Léčba cévním laserem během 2 měsíců
  • Léčba cévním laserem
  • Léčba cévním laserem
  • Léčba cévním laserem v Praze
  • Bezbolestná léčba cévním laserem
  • Léčba cévním laserem v Praze
  • úspěšné odstranění jizviček Léčba cévním laserem Synchro Nd:YAG 2
  • Léčba cévním laserem prasklých žilek v klinice Altos

Vascular Laser Treatment as the main mean of making your skin breathtaking

The reasons of choosing this therapy in ALTOS Clinic:

  • quickness;
  • proper cost;
  • effectiveness.

Firstly, you must clear the area of operation from any kinds of make-up. Then you prepare the integument by shaving the extra hair on the skin area. The vascular laser beam creates 2 effects rubbing and wetting at once. You won’t have anesthesia because it’s not required due to its simplicity and the absence of painful sensations. You are going just to lay and relax during the procedure, which takes about 15 minutes. To cure from the skin problems you have to come to ALTOS Clinic from 1 to 3 times. The doctor will tell you about the pauses between the sessions.

Postoperative recovery

Be careful with ibuprofen, aspirin, and motrin, while preparing for the operation and right after it you are sure to be advised to avoid these pills. The doctor will provide you with a special plan, which will help your integument to recover as soon as possible.

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Synchro Nd: Yag laser blood vessels removal

  • nose a nasal wings - 82 EUR
  • cheeks - 114 EUR
  • one leg (small size) - 64 EUR
  • legs (small size) - 109 EUR
  • one leg (medium size) - 86 EUR
  • legs (medium size) - 145 EUR
  • one leg (large size) - 132 EUR
  • legs (large size) - 223 EUR