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For those people who dream of a soft and smooth skin ALTOS Clinic recommends to make use of dermatologist chemical peel. This therapy also known as derma peeling suggests the epidermis removal owing to the speed-up of its natural scaling with the help of special chemical compound. All the patients will surely be surprised at an affordable facial chemical peel cost.
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  • Chemický peeling

When is cosmetic chemical peel recommended?

The specialists of our clinic recommend you to book an appointment for cosmetic chemical peel if you suffer from the following skin problems:
• age spots;
• fine lines;
• wrinkles;
• scarring;
• freckles;
• skin pigmentation;
• rough patches;
• acne;
• sunburn.

Before the session

Before the cosmetic chemical peel our doctors will make a checkup in order to ascertain that this session is suitable for you. You are a good candidate if your pigmentation is normal, you have never had abnormal scarring, there are no warts on your face, and you didn’t have any acne treatment last year. Usually people with too pale or too freckled skin are not the best candidates for this chemical peel procedure, but still you will hear a final diagnosis from our specialists.

Chemical peel surgery
Before the session the doctor cleans your skin carefully. If you have chosen a deep chemical peel surgery, then he will make anaesthesia or mild sedation in order to reduce the pain feelings. Then a special medication will be brushed into the skin. All you have to do is to wait for its absorption. Such feelings as burning or itching are rather normal and so don’t worry about this. A bit later our doctor will wash off the extra peel, make a compress, or use an ointment.

After the therapy

Redness and irritation are natural after the chemical peel surgery and they will disappear in a few days. Specialists of ALTOS Clinic may prescribe you some medicine to get rid of these symptoms. In rare cases some patients notice a kind of infection originated from make-up or some other influence. So, it’s better not to aggravate the skin after the procedure.

Our pricing policy

Although chemical peels prices varies from one medical center to another, ALTOS Clinic tends to moderate pricing policy. It is affordable for everyone who is in need of our professional medical assistance. It refers not only to dermatologist chemical peel cost, but also to all services presented in our clinic.
What’s more, by providing low chemical peel costs, we assure you in high-grade quality of our services. Our specialists use only approved and certified equipment.

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Chemical peel (Enerpeel or Neostrata)

  • 1 area (face, neck area and décolleté, backs of the hands) - 89 EUR
  • package of 4 sessions (1 area) - 282 EUR
  • face and décolleté - 145 EUR
  • package of 3 sessions (face and décolleté) - 386 EUR
  • package of 4 sessions (face and décolleté) - 450 EUR
  • package of 1 session (3 areas) - 209 EUR
  • package of 3 sessions (3 areas) - 482 EUR
  • package of 4 sessions (3 areas) - 641 EUR