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  • I had microneedling in your clinic 2 times, after which the skin is bright. The change was noticed by others. I recommend you also undergo a procedure to improve the skin, especially after a severe winter. I'm very happy and I plan to do microneedling regularly. Karolína V.


Motus AX Moveo | Light Sheer Duet

  • I decided to undergo laser hair removal, because I am type with dark hair. The result is amazing and the atmosphere in the clinic is very pleasant. Veronika K.
  • Long time I was bothered about the hairs above my upper lip. Every day I had to control them and to get them waxed. I am very grateful Altos for the laser, which helped me to get rid of rough dark hair. Now I am not ashamed of this ugly mustache, which made my social and personal life more complicated. Adriana P.
  • I recommend epilation in Altos clinic because of its painlessness and high efficiency. In other salons, although it was cheaper, the result did not satisfy me. So I found that it's better to pay a little more for quality and good service. Violetta N.
  • Before I was afraid to get laser hair removal, because I thought it is painfully. But when I finally decided to do it, I was really satisfied! Laser has special system, which cools the skin, although it stings a little bit. I have already had 3 procedures in the bikini area, there are far fewer hairs, and moreover new ones are quite thin. I recommend laser epilation in the clinic everybody! Maria K.
  • I had hair removal on legs 2 times and I am satisfied with the result. I'm also very pleasantly surprised by clinic staff, thank you! Paulina W.


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  • I was worried about the facial wrinkles. Of course, the process of aging is inevitable, but something we can do. On advice of my friend, I visited the clinic ALTOS, and the doctor recommended me to solve the problem with injectable fillers. I'm very satisfied with the result. Vasilia S.
  • I turned 36 years old this year. I began to notice how the facial skin loses its elasticity. I would not like use injection methods, because my skin does not need radical changes. Therefore, I decided to try a non-invasive method of tightening the skin with radio frequency. As a result, the changes were not evident for many people in my environment, but my friends began to ask me how I managed to look so good “it seems nothing is changed, but you look really younger”, they said. At first I thought that I would not reveal the secret, but I could not resist and told the truth:) Xenie V.
  • I recently gave birth to a triplet. I try to keep myself in good form, so I have not a weight problem. But the problem is saggy skin. Upon the advice, I decided to try TriActive with radio frequency for tightening the skin. Although the skin did not become the same as it was 10 years ago, I am very happy with the result. Moreover, it is a pretty pleasant procedure. Ariana M.


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  • I'm very happy with the clinic. Pleasant staff, professional approach. I have gotten rid of excessive sweating in one session. Martina S.


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  • I visited the clinic because of wrinkles. The doctor recommended me plasmalifting, I was very pleased. The effect is excellent. Andrea M.

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