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  • Visited Altos to make (for the second time) the micro-needle therapy. For the first time I had this procedure in another clinic, but the price was higher... In Altos the price is lower and the atmosphere much warmer so to say. Recommend! Nikita
  • I had microneedling in your clinic 2 times, after which the skin is bright. The change was noticed by others. I recommend you also undergo a procedure to improve the skin, especially after a severe winter. I'm very happy and I plan to do microneedling regularly. Karolína V.


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  • I have been planning the procedure of laser hair removal for a long time, but I did decided to make it in Altos, clinic recommended by my friends. I liked it. It doesn't hurt at all. Besides I liked the atmosphere of the clinic, the attitude of its specialists. By the way, the the clinic usually sugests the best offers for hair removal. Thank you. Danuše
  • Altos clinic is my favorite one. Really nice place with comfotable atmoshere, good specialists and effective treatment. My favourite procedures here are hair removal and pressotherephy. Planning to try ulthera, cause read a lot about this effective procedure. Petra
  • Did hair removal on the back. Thought, as mu wife always said, that epilation is always very painful. But no! It doesn't hurt. Now I have a great result, convenient and hygienic. Altos Clinic is worth visiting. Vadim
  • I decided to do hair removal in the clinic. I was Immediately pleasantly surprised by the quality of service at the reception. A lovely girl immediately invited me to the waiting room, offered a cup of coffee, carried the coat to the dressing room. The nurse who did the hair removal for me was very kind and worked very professionally. During the procedure, she explained to me exactly what she was doing, and also told me about other procedures that might be suitable for me. I definitely recommend. I was very pleased.
  • I decided to undergo laser hair removal, because I am type with dark hair. The result is amazing and the atmosphere in the clinic is very pleasant. Veronika K.
  • Long time I was bothered about the hairs above my upper lip. Every day I had to control them and to get them waxed. I am very grateful Altos for the laser, which helped me to get rid of rough dark hair. Now I am not ashamed of this ugly mustache, which made my social and personal life more complicated. Adriana P.
  • I recommend epilation in Altos clinic because of its painlessness and high efficiency. In other salons, although it was cheaper, the result did not satisfy me. So I found that it's better to pay a little more for quality and good service. Violetta N.
  • Before I was afraid to get laser hair removal, because I thought it is painfully. But when I finally decided to do it, I was really satisfied! Laser has special system, which cools the skin, although it stings a little bit. I have already had 3 procedures in the bikini area, there are far fewer hairs, and moreover new ones are quite thin. I recommend laser epilation in the clinic everybody! Maria K.
  • I had hair removal on legs 2 times and I am satisfied with the result. I'm also very pleasantly surprised by clinic staff, thank you! Paulina W.


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  • I was worried about the facial wrinkles. Of course, the process of aging is inevitable, but something we can do. On advice of my friend, I visited the clinic ALTOS, and the doctor recommended me to solve the problem with injectable fillers. I'm very satisfied with the result. Vasilia S.
  • Hi! I am on a permanent diet, and it is very difficult for me to loose the weight. I read a lot about and recently I tried the proctdure TriActive. Very effective procedure, really! The skin really becomes smoother, and I manage to loose the weight... Highly recommend! Daria
  • I have heard about the procedure TriActive in the facial area several times already. I have found a lot of information on the internet. In fact that it is very important, in what clinic and what doctor is doing this procedure. It always depends on the professional approach of the doctor in the clinic, on the quality of the instruments and devices which are used during the procedure. For this procedure, I chose the clinic "Altos" and it was really performed excellently at the professional level, with experienced doctor. The quality of the skin improved tremendously! Procedure TriActive is non-invasive and painless! :-) I can only recommend it to all!
  • I turned 36 years old this year. I began to notice how the facial skin loses its elasticity. I would not like use injection methods, because my skin does not need radical changes. Therefore, I decided to try a non-invasive method of tightening the skin with radio frequency. As a result, the changes were not evident for many people in my environment, but my friends began to ask me how I managed to look so good “it seems nothing is changed, but you look really younger”, they said. At first I thought that I would not reveal the secret, but I could not resist and told the truth:) Xenie V.
  • I recently gave birth to a triplet. I try to keep myself in good form, so I have not a weight problem. But the problem is saggy skin. Upon the advice, I decided to try TriActive with radio frequency for tightening the skin. Although the skin did not become the same as it was 10 years ago, I am very happy with the result. Moreover, it is a pretty pleasant procedure. Ariana M.


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  • I'm very happy with the clinic. Pleasant staff, professional approach. I have gotten rid of excessive sweating in one session. Martina S.


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  • I visited the clinic because of wrinkles. The doctor recommended me plasmalifting, I was very pleased. The effect is excellent. Andrea M.


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  • I had a problem with hair loss. My hair was falling a lot, and that's why I decided to do something about it. I got all the information about hair mesotherapy, and so I wanted to try it. I went to the Altos clinic. I've had several treatments of hair mesotherapy and active hair loss just stopped. My hair is thicker and re-grow. I can only recommend!


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  • I was looking for a procedure that could hydrate my skin for a long time and nourish it. I have very dry skin with a tendency to pigmentation. The biorevitalization procedure has proved to be a real miracle. I was very happy to get acquainted with the procedure and the clinic where it was done. I mean Altos Clinic in Prague. Arina
  • In July I managed to get acquainted with the non-surgical method ulthera in Altos, Prague. Only some weeks later I really found that the procedure made my face look younger and shine like a star! 😊 Besides it was not only my opinion: my friends and my family found my face very pretty and young too! Gerta


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  • For a long time I was looking for a method that could really “rejuvenate” my face. I read reviews, watched videos ... consulted with specialists. Finally, I decided to make a laser resurfacing treatment. My daughter has been following the Prague clinic "Altos" on Instagram. I decided to go there. The treatment was performed using a special fractional laser, moreover the treatment was carried out carefully on both areas - the face and the decollete. The end result has exceeded all my expectations! Smooth, radiant and toned skin, I'm very satisfied! I realized that for women of my age (I’m 57), the laser resurfacing is simply irreplaceable and is a real “elixir of youth”! Marina


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  • I removed birthmarks in Altos clinic. Doctor Zvada was really nice and caring. High quality service. Thank you so much! Olga


  • Recommend this clinic. Find it the best in Prague. Violetta
  • Recommend this clinic. Find it the best in Prague. Anastasia
  • It's really a great pleasure to deal with true professionals, feeling the care of the staff and being confident in the quality of services provided. Thank you, Altos clinic! Paulina

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