Laser Resurfacing


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Laser Resurfacing is an effective method that is used to remove or reduce pigmentation, acne and wrinkles.

The result of a laser resurfacing procedure is to eliminate such aesthetic defects as:

  • moderate and deep wrinkles
  • pigmentation disorders
  • scars and uneven skin surface
  • signs of skin aging due to excessive sun light
  • swelling
  • and so on...
  • Laserový resurfacing
  • Laserový resurfacing
  • Laserový resurfacing
  • Laserový resurfacing
  • Laserový resurfacing během 8 týdnů v Praze
  • Laserový resurfacing s úžasným výsledkem během 8 týdnů

Laser Resurfacing Procedure and Its Benefits

ALTOS Clinic is ready to offer you a unique service called laser resurfacing procedure. What is laser resurfacing? It presents itself the usage of special CO2 laser to remove wrinkled or even damaged skin layer. In most cases it is used to minimize the number of mimic wrinkles and lines, which usually can be seen around eyes and lips. It also helps to struggle with different scars and pigmentation. Whatever area you choose, the effect will be perfect as in some specific region, so on the whole face. Laser resurfacing procedure is often recommended after cosmetic operations, for example, eyelid surgery or face lift. Comparing it with other types of laser resurfacing, this method is less painful for a patient: less bleeding and discomfort.

Which equipment do we use?

Doctors of ALTOS Clinic work on new professional equipment, which allows carrying surgical and cosmetic operations of various kinds and levels of complexity. This very procedure is carried out with a help of latest-generation laser CO2 Smartxide 2 produced by Italian manufacturer Deka.

Who can make an appointment for this procedure?

Full laser resurfacing is not recommended to patients with brown, black, and olive skin as it can take from 6 to 9 months to get a normal pigmentation after procedure. Those people, who have scars or skin disorder, are also not the best candidates for this treatment. Our surgeons will estimate your skin characteristics and tell you if it’s possible to do it and what the laser resurfacing recovery time is.

What are positive aspects?

To begin with, it perfectly struggles with acne: after just 1 procedure in ALTOS Clinic you can forget about irritating acne and its negative circumstances, such as emotional disbalance or physical discomfort. Secondly, it’s extremely helpful in sun harm removing. Tanned components usually look darker, but what is more important – damaged, so sometimes it’s impossible to get a pleasant skin colour back without the best laser resurfacing provided by our clinic.

Besides, it activates the collagen production, which makes skin supple, smooth, and fresh. In addition to pigmentation reduction, this therapy allows forgetting about freckles and moles. So, this procedure has a lot of obvious advantages.

Cost of laser resurfacing

This question won’t bother you if you decide to ask for professional assistance of our doctors. We are ready to provide you with high-quality service with affordable cost of laser resurfacing. We are interested in your satisfaction, that’s why we can assure you in professionalism and great experience of our specialists. What’s more, our friendly and courteous personnel will make you feel comfortable. In our clinic everything is thought over to the last detail, including cost of laser skin resurfacing, so high-grade service and satisfactory results are guaranteed.

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Laser radiation is absorbed by the liquid in the skin, which rapidly heats up and evaporates from the skin, thus driving away the damaged cells. The pulsing mode of the energy application minimizes the risk of scalding. In other words, the time needed to achieve a therapeutic effect is so small that no severe or deep tissue damage may occur.
face / face with radiofrequency441 / 532 EUR
eye area150 EUR
neck area /neck area with radiofrequency250 / 295 EUR
décolleté / décolleté with radiofrequency491 / 582 EUR
backs of the hands / backs of the hands with radiofrequency295 / 341 EUR
upper lip / upper lip with radiofrequency136 / 182 EUR
perioral area / perioral area with radiofrequency227 / 273 EUR
light superficial resurfacing (30 min.)314 EUR