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Uniqueness of photorejuvenation lies in the fact that the light beam activates both deep and superficial layers of the skin simultaneously, thus allowing to achieve a visible and sustainable effect. At the same time the integrity of the skin remains undisturbed, leaving no possibility for burns or scars.

Photorejuvenation – Get Back Your Skin Youth

Photorejuvenation is an innovative technic of machine cosmetology, which struggles against skin age-related changes. It is performed with the help of Intensive Pulsed Light devices. Its peculiarity lays in activation of both deep and superficial skin layers, what allows obtaining expressed and steady results.

Which areas can be treated?

Photorejuvenation applies for many areas: neck, face, hands, breast, and so on. Besides, it fits any skin type: from pale to brown. Photo facial rejuvenation has found usage in reversal of mimic wrinkles, crow’s feet, and ptosis treatment. Thanks to special equipment used in ALTOS Clinic, depth, strength, and duration time of this procedure can vary. So, feel free to consult our doctors, who will do their best to create a look you have dreamed of.

Skin rejuvenation therapy

This session doesn’t require any preparation or anaesthesia. Just one important thing – our specialists recommend you to have skin rejuvenation therapy on unsunned area. Before the procedure your old skin layers will be removed in order to get better results. During the session you may feel warmth, while after it some patients may notice blush or puffiness, which are nothing more than a natural skin reaction on photo rejuvenation therapy. In case of hyperemia you can use cream with panthenol, which will stimulate regeneration of superficial skin layers.

How many facial rejuvenation procedures are needed?

Every our patient is unique, that’s why a number of facial rejuvenation procedures depends on individual skin properties and the final result you are interested in. On average 4 or 5 sessions will be enough for getting an attractive and youth skin. In a month you can repeat these skin rejuvenation procedures again. First changes will be visible and really remarkable after one session.

The main benefits

  • suitability for any skin type, including the one with high pigmentation;
  • no hospitalization is required;
  • fast effect;
  • painless procedure;
  • noticeable effect for several years.

ALTOS Clinic would like to provide you with one more advantage of this therapy – an affordable skin rejuvenation cost. We want to make our patients feel comfortable and so provide you with reasonable pricing policy. It’s worth saying that for this sum of money you will get a qualitative assistance, high-grade services, and the attractive skin you wanted!

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  • 1 area (face or décolleté or back of the hands or arms) - 111 EUR
  • package of 3 sessions (1 areas) - 286 EUR
  • 2 areas - 191 EUR
  • package of 3 sessions (2 areas) - 436 EUR
  • 3 areas - 334 EUR
  • package of 3 sessions (3 areas) - 718 EUR