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Nowadays ultrasound liposuction is one of the most effective procedures of fast body correction and reduction of excessive fat depots. The action of this non-invasive method is based on cavitation mechanism – production of air bubbles destroying adipocyte membranes. In a result of ultrasound non-invasive liposuction the sizes of fat depots decrease, skin surface smoothes down, and the lifting effect is created.

In 2006, Italian biophysicists suggested to use the effect of ultrasound cavitation for cellulite removal and non-invasive fat depot excision. And they didn’t only suggest this – they created ultrasound device for liposuction TriActive+, which was produced by Italian company Deka – a worldwide leader of laser equipment.

It turned out that ultrasound of low frequency penetrates into the tissue at a depth of 8-10 mm and goes through liquid fluid of lipocytes, where vacuum microbubbles are being produced. They increase in size and then burst. While microbubbles are collapsing, the hydro dynamic beat is taking place inside a fat call resulting in a great energy production, during which membranes being full of fat suffer first of all. Free triglycerides go out of intercellular space through the lymphatic system on 90% and through the blood channels - on 10%, where in a result of biochemical processes triglycerides turn into glucose molecules.

Thanks to this method, the following processes happen in tissues:

    • Improvement of metabolic processes in tissues, including fat cells
    • Lipolytic digestion into more simple components
    • Excretion of congested metabolic products

Physical therapists compare the effect from ultrasound therapy used in aesthetic medicine with micro massage at the cellular level.

Ultrasound Liposuction and Its Effects

Ultrasound liposuction makes it possible for you to get back to the more attractive look of the younger years. It is sometimes difficult for the natural beauty to survive through the endless amount of complications, stresses, and aging issues. Ultrasound lipo will come in handy, when we speak about the fight against the extra fat problems. In addition, liposuction surgery cost is so low that you will regret not getting to ALTOS Clinic earlier.

Liposuction surgery

Liposuction surgery is a powerful method of eliminating the excess amounts of fat on the problematic zones of your body. At ALTOS Clinic it is performed with the help of a useful tool − TriActive+.

The history of tummy liposuction

Tummy liposuction is the most productive way of getting rid of the unwanted centimeters in your waist. Today one of the most efficient procedures for the rapid correction of your figure is the liposuction without surgery. It is based on the mechanism of cavitation − the formation of gas bubbles that destroy the membrane of adipocytes. As a result, non-surgical ultrasound lipo treatments reduce the amount of body fat, level the surface of the skin, provide a lifting effect.

The use of ultrasonic cavitation effect for eliminating cellulite and non-surgical removal of fat deposits was firstly proposed in 2006 by Italian Biophysics. And not just proposed − they created an ultrasonic device called TriActive+, which was released by the Italian company Deka − the recognized world leader of laser equipment.

The procedure is performed in two stages:

In the first stage the skin is treated by applying ultrasonic nozzle with a special gel, which is needed for the most intimate contact with the skin and manipulation of the acoustic waves penetrating deep into the tissues. The distinctive feature of TriActive+ is the use of low-frequency and high-frequency ultrasonic waves for different body parts, which increases its effectiveness. The patients during manipulation are experiencing a pleasant sensation of warmth or tingling. During this time a relatively small amount of adipose tissue is destroyed, thereby avoiding trauma and extensive subcutaneous skin sagging − typical side effects of liposuction surgery. The new fat cells in the treated areas are formed.

The second stage is based on the usage of a laser head (laser-diode) with the effect of a vacuum, which provides intensive lymphatic drainage, stimulates regeneration processes, and accelerates blood circulation. It enhances and speeds up the process of removing the decay products of fat cells through the lymphatic and circulatory systems. That is also called ultrasound treatment after liposuction.

Usually after such sessions patients undergo recommended lymphatic drainage massage treatments, but with a new generation TriActive+ you can avoid wasting time and money (although ultrasound liposuction cost is pretty low) and have both procedures during a single session!

The duration of treatment depends on the size of the treated area, but does not exceed 60 minutes. Sessions shall be held no more than once in 7-8 days. The course consists of 4-5 sessions. If we count the ultrasound lipo cost with it, you may see that the quality-price paradigm has the top spot in the “quality” feature.

Indications for ultrasonic procedure

  • local body fat (in the areas: the abdomen, lateral thighs, buttocks, back, arms, lower parts of the legs);
  • the treatment of cellulite (edematous fibrosclerotic panniculopathy);
  • treatment of sagging skin;
  • correction of defects after surgical liposuction.

Advantages of ultrasonic treatment with the help of the unit TriActive+

  • persistent reduction of subcutaneous fat − virtually all body parts in one session;
  • lymphatic drainage massage required for the output of fat cells;
  • full security procedures for the surrounding tissues;
  • absence of pain during and after the procedure;
  • the absence of recovery period.

The following processes occur with tissues

  • improvement of metabolic processes in tissues, including fat cells;
  • splitting "fat" into simpler components;
  • elimination of stagnant metabolic products.

Doctors − physiotherapists compare the effects of ultrasound therapy used in aesthetic medicine with micro massage at the cellular level – they are even better.

Radiofrequency lifting TriActive+ (ultrasonic liposuction)

  • facial/body treatment (45 minutes) - 90 EUR
  • package of 8 sessions (6 + 2 for free) - 543 EUR