Skin firming and tightening on TriActive+


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Platform TriActive+ uses a combination of ultrasound, laser and radio frequency and is one of the most effective procedures for fast body correction and reduction of excess fat.

When is the procedure appropriate?

  • local body fat in the areas: the abdomen, lateral thighs, buttocks, back, arms, lower parts of the legs
  • cellulite treatment
  • treatment of skin flabbiness
  • correction of defects after surgical liposuction
  • Zpevnění a vypnutí kůže přístrojem TriActive
  • Zpevnění a vypnutí kůže přístrojem TriActive

TriActive+ and Its Effects

Treatment on TriActive+ makes it possible for you to get back to the more attractive look of the younger years. It is sometimes difficult for the natural beauty to survive through the endless amount of complications, stresses, and aging issues. TriActive+ will come in handy, when we speak about the fight against the extra fat problems. In addition, procedure cost is so low that you will regret not getting to ALTOS Clinic earlier.

How does Triactive to strengthen the body

By causing heat in designated locations, collagen and elastin are newly created, especially in deep layers of skin. Flabby skin is off, there are a radical reduction of cellulite and small fat deposits and skin firming.
Ideal for body shaping.

The duration of treatment depends on the size of the treated area, but does not exceed 60 minutes. Sessions shall be held no more than once in 7-8 days. The course consists of 4-5 sessions.

Advantages of treatment with the help of the unit TriActive+

  • persistent reduction of subcutaneous fat − virtually all body parts in one session;
  • lymphatic drainage massage required for the output of fat cells;
  • full security procedures for the surrounding tissues;
  • absence of pain during and after the procedure;
  • the absence of recovery period.

The following processes occur with tissues

  • improvement of metabolic processes in tissues, including fat cells;
  • splitting "fat" into simpler components;
  • elimination of stagnant metabolic products.

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