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Hyperhidrosis treatment with BOTULINUM TOXIN type A

Hyperhidrosis treatment is aimed at decrease of excessive perspiration in such zones as underarms, face, palms, and feet. ALTOS Clinic offers you to arrange a visit to our doctors, who undertake this procedure with the help of BOTULINUM TOXIN A injections. This type of hyperhidrosis treatment is considered to be one of the most effective.

Types of hyperhidrosis

Specialists of our clinic are ready to help you in struggle against two types of sweating: general, which includes the majority of perspiratory glands, and local, which is characterized by sweating just in some areas. The reasons for this may be different. For example, physical exercises or stressful situations are the common sources of general hyperhidrosis, while vegetative-vascular dystonia and flat foot may lead to local sweating.


Profuse sweating is usually caused by intense stimulation of sweat glands, which affects nerve endings. It results in emotional or physical stresses and the increase of body temperature. In this case BOTULINUM TOXIN A as the best hyperhidrosis treatment blocks the release of neuromediator and so the sweating stops.

Facial hyperhidrosis treatment

Fifteen or twenty drops of BOTULINUM TOXIN A will be enough for facial hyperhidrosis treatment. Injected by means of small needles, these drops get into the derma. A patient may have some normal activity just after the surgical treatment for hyperhidrosis, while heavy exercises should be excluded for several hours. Most patients notice the dryness for 6 or 10 months after the therapy.

Our experts can provide you with all types of this therapy, including palmar hyperhidrosis treatment, which is found rather often. We dispose of qualitative medications and professional equipment giving us an opportunity to achieve perfect results within short timeframes. To add to it, all the procedures are carried out by experienced and qualified specialists, who are aware of all the peculiarities of this session. By applying for our medical assistance, you address to real professionals!

It’s also worth saying that we tend to a reasonable hyperhidrosis treatment cost as we care for our patients, who would like to get timely help and not to think about affordability of service.

Feel free to ask any questions you have! Our friendly personnel are glad to provide you with information you are interested in.

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Excessive sweating treatment (botulinum toxin A)

  • armpits, palms, feet - 409–636 EUR
The final price depends on used amount.