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Plasmolifting is a powerful procedure of epidermis rejuvenation. It presents itself a special technique called Platelet-Rich Plasma, which suggests intradermal injections on the basis of the patient’s blood plasma.

Its great efficiency is achieved due to the unique regeneration characteristics of blood liquid components. They contain microelements, proteins, biocatalysts, hormones, and various vitamins – everything needed for cytothesis. Doctors of ALTOS Clinic recommend this session for those, who would like to rejuvenate the tissues in a natural way and mould reactivation procedures.

  • Plazmalifting
  • Plazmalifting

Visual benefits after the therapy

Thanks to the activation of metabolic functions and the improvement of elastin and collagen fusion, you will get the following visual effects:

  • the absence of age-related signs;
  • rhytide effacement;
  • normalization of turgor tone.

This procedure is carried out by experienced specialists of our clinic, so excellent results and an appealing appearance are guaranteed. We are glad to serve patients from any cities and countries. So, feel free to contact our friendly managers to get any information you need and make an appointment for this session.

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Rejuvenation with Nd:YAG laser

  • 1 area (face, neck area and décolleté, backs of the hands) - from 175 EUR
  • 2 areas - 315 EUR
  • 3 areas ( + back of the hands for free) - 450 EUR
The total price depends on the scope of application.
It is recommended to repeat procedure 3x.